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Short sales in Phoenix are a fact of life. No one wants to short sale their home. But if you need to, you need to be informed. We can help.

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The Phoenix Real Estate Agents at Realty Executives are professionals from the Phoenix metro area who are available to help you sell or purchase a home.

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The Little Blue Box ~ A Home Seller’s Friend

The Little Blue Box

No, I'm not talking about the beautiful little blue boxes that come with treasures from Tiffany & Co..  Though who doesn't love those? Today I'm talking about the REALTOR® specific lockbox (iBox) that only REALTORS® (or vendors with a code from the REALTOR®) can use.  In AZ (and many other states), these lockboxes are purchased and monitored through Supra Systems.  Why do you as a seller care what kind of lockbox is on your house? The other day I walked up to a front door that looked like this: Yep, door wide open, lockbox open, and key in the door.  My clients and I waited for a … Continue Reading →

Does No SPDS No CLUE Sound Good To You?

Foreclosure non-disclosure

I often wonder who people think they are trying to protect when we see agents put "No SPDS, No CLUE" in the public or private remarks of our MLS system. It baffles my mind trying to figure out why someone would NOT want to disclose material facts of a transaction to a buyer or potential buyer of a piece of real estate. In Arizona, our current residential purchase contract says that the seller of a property will deliver a Seller's Property Disclosure Statement and an Insurance Claims History to the buyer within 5 calendar days of contract acceptance. An Insurance Claims History is also … Continue Reading →

This week’s Phoenix social follow of the week is azc_obert


This week for our Phoenix social follow of the week we are picking Richard Obert’s @azc_obert Twitter account. Richard is the high school sports reporter for the Arizona Republic and does a great covering all the local high school sports in the Phoenix metro area. If you are a high school sports fan like I am, […]

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Win a mani/pedi and brunch for your mom with #PhxREGuyMoms


On May 10th we celebrate one of the most important people to ever live, Mom. If you are anything like me, you know moms should be celebrated everyday – be it a great-grandmother (Miss you Nana!), your mom, (love you Mom), or the mother of your children (you are my everything Jess). But we sometimes […]

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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Welcome Mat

You’re ready to list your house for sale. You’ve done all of the nit-picky things your REALTOR recommended…removed clutter and personal items, done some repairs and touch up, had the house professionally cleaned. Now do you want to know a cheap {like $15 cheap}, easy way to make a great first impression when selling your home? Buy […]

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