A $75,000,000 Home


How much home can you get for $75 million bucks?

A lot.

Ocean front, 22,000 square feet (main home). 8 bedrooms, 10 full baths, 5 half baths and a 16 car garage.

And just a few other amenities.

The video is long (8 minutes), but worth a watch as the home is pretty spectacular / extravagant / ridiculous.  The video is well done, though if I were the seller I’d be a bit annoyed that both the video voice-over and the flyer say the bowling alley is only two lanes when clearly it is four.

The name of the estate is “Portabello” – Italian for “Beautiful Door”. According to the web site “the name itself promises beauty”. Huh, first thing I thought of was a mushroom.

Looks to have been listed in May 2006. A published interview with the architect in Jan 2008 shows it still hasn’t sold. 

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  1. Well, the powerball jackpot is $100M Wednesday. After accounting for the present value of money and income taxes (sorry to remind you about that one), the take home is probably $40M for at least a decent down payment.

  2. Great video. This home has been featured on the Trulia home page for months. The location is unbelievable. The architecture named this estate properly…the facade looks like a mushroom. Not for me, even if I win the jackpot!

  3. w0w….I don;t think I can afford to clean the pool in this place…ahhh, who cares-the price will drop after the election.

    …I'll wait…

  4. The "automotive museum" is about 50% larger than my house, and my mortgage calculator can't even handle this one. :)

  5. They had me at "grotto".

    They had me at "grotto"


  6. There are 2 bowling lanes with a mirror on the wall.

    It's clear on the photo gallery on their website

  7. I wonder what it would have been listed for before the market turned?

  8. >There are 2 bowling lanes with a mirror on the wall.

    It’s clear on the photo gallery on their website

    Thanks for pointing that out Tiger Tail. Guess that old "mirrors make things look bigger" thing really works. ;)

  9. PRG,

    I mentioned this in an article I wrote on San Francisco Magazine which has become a expensive vehicle for Realtor-Broker advertising. The Porto Bello is wild looking but for $75 mil I want a better stretch of beach front.


  10. That's a beautiful home and seems to be worth the price tag????

    I wonder what monthly maintenance on something like that would be. Does the price tag include a few maids?

  11. Jay, help me out here. I think the cold arctic air is wreaking havoc on my senses.

    75 Million…

    Was that 75 million, as in DOLLARS, or as in the number of adjectives used by Vanna White the narrator, in the video montage.

  12. I'm heading down to the Parade of Homes in St. George, UT this weekend. Supposedly there's a 21,000 sq. ft. place down there, but I doubt the price tag is as steep!

  13. I am inspired to prospect all day tommorow. That will be my house someday in the future. That house is spectacular and worth $75,000,000. Hopefully it will be available by the time I can qualify to see it. Thanks for posting the video.

  14. Love the whole thing! So thats how the rich live! What an amazing home and simply the most beautiful I have ever seen. Wouldn't you like to make the commission on that sale!

  15. Thats is pretty cracy nice. I dont think I have 75 million. Maybe I can look under the coach and see if I can wrack up enough change.

  16. What I want to know is what kind of job you have to have to afford this thing and where do I submit my application!

  17. Matt – no kidding.

    The owner is Frank Pritt, founder of software company Attachmate Corp.

    I've never heard of Attachmate.

    From a recent press release:

    About Attachmate

    Attachmate, owned by an investment group led by Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital and Thoma Cressey Equity Partners, enables IT organizations to extend mission critical services and assure they are managed, secure and compliant. Attachmate’s leading solutions include host connectivity, systems and security management, and PC lifecycle management. Our goal is to empower IT organizations to deliver trusted applications, manage service levels, and ensure compliance by leveraging knowledge, automation and secured connectivity.

  18. whoa, OCEAN FRONT!

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  1. […] Thompson shows you what kind of home you can get for $75 Million Dollars. Though I suppose if you ever had the home, the wife would just take half of it at some point […]

  2. […] Thompson shows you what kind of home you can get for $75 Million Dollars. Though I suppose if you ever had the home, the wife would just take half of it at some point […]

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