ARMLS CEO Bob Bemis Resigns, Joins Zillow…

This should be interesting…

This email was just sent to ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service) subscribers:

(Also posted on the ARMLS Blog)

Personally and professionally, I’ll miss Bob Bemis. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob on the ARMLS Tech Committee, on the NAR Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee, and various NAR MLS work groups.

Bob is a consummate professional, and a good guy. His visionary leadership has allowed ARMLS to become nationally recognized as one of the most progressive MLS’s in the country.

No one is irreplaceable, but Bob Bemis comes close.

I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor at Zillow.

One might also note in the announcement that Bob is staying on to negotiate with iMapp, which was recently replaced by Realist as the tax system for ARMLS. To say there has been a bit of a brouhaha over that switch would be an understatement. A Facebook Group, Bring iMapp back to ARMLS, was formed on February 6 and at the time of this writing has 1,197 members and hundred of posts and comments. Let’s just say the discussion has been… spirited.

We are in some interesting times…

Zillow Announcement of Bob Bemis appointment as VP of Partner Relations




  1. says

    Nice guy. He did a great job. Smart move by Zillow.

    But related to a very popular thread, I hope ARMLS will review whether ARMLS syndication policies to entities such as Zillow are in the long term best interest of its members and consumers.

    I have a feeling I know where Bob will fall on this issue.


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