Let Me Eat Cake

Friday was the 4th “3 month appointment” post chemo.  All clear. The math adds up to 1 year since the chemotherapy ended.  1 year. Wow. Now the appointments are spaced out 6 months apart.  Sweet. It really feels like much longer than a year.  Staying busy at work and home helps.  Always looking forward rather than in the rear view mirror helps more.  During the surgery or therapy, the … [Read more...]

Elephants, Ants and Gelato


Finally. My therapy is complete.  I have no more “dates” with the healing orb.  No more “accessing my port”.  No more “lost days”. I do have many things to come.  Scans every three months for the next year.  A colonoscopy in September.  A return to my regular exercise routine and a dramatic change in my diet.  All stuff I am ready and prepared for. 8 months ago, the process I … [Read more...]

And Down The Stretch They Come!


And Down The Stretch They Come! I love that call in at the Kentucky Derby every spring.  One day, I will make it to Churchill Downs and be there live.  Yep, it’s on the bucket list. Bucket list...  hmmm... file that away for a future post. I’m writing this post on March 27th.  Today, I started Therapy No. 11.  After the pump comes off Friday, only 1 to go.  If that ain’t the home … [Read more...]

Bumps in the Road


After 4 months of therapy, I’ve hit a couple bumps in the road. Not entirely unexpected, but I was hoping to avoid them. The results of my last lab work showed a couple low numbers.  Both my platelets and my white cell count are borderline low.  My doctor told me this is normal and expected.  She let me proceed with therapy No. 9, but we are taking an extra week off before therapy No. … [Read more...]

A Fortnight at a Time


Fortnight : a period of 14 days : two weeks - from Miriam Webster That is the unit of time measurement I find myself fixated on.  Everything I do, everything, is controlled by fortnights. I am often asked how I am doing.  It never bothers me to answer this question.  It’s like when someone says “It’s great to see you” and I respond with a “It’s great to be seen!”  Having … [Read more...]