A Fortnight at a Time


Fortnight : a period of 14 days : two weeks - from Miriam Webster That is the unit of time measurement I find myself fixated on.  Everything I do, everything, is controlled by fortnights. I am often asked how I am doing.  It never bothers me to answer this question.  It's like when someone says “It's great to see you” and I respond with a “It's great to be seen!”  Having the opportunity to answer any questions is all good. In this post, I thought I would detail my last fortnight.  I … [Read more...]

It’s About the People, Not the Cancer

Old couple holding hands

This is part 4 of my ongoing series as I detail my experiences in my battle with colon cancer. 4 down, 8 to go.  That's where I'm at in my therapy. I'm often asked how I feel or how am I doing?  A vast majority of the time, the answer is great!  After 4 sessions, here is how I typically feel.  4 hours or so at the infusion center, followed by 44 hours on a pump.  I feel the most sluggish or tired the day after the pump is removed.  Within 3 days I'm back to 95%.  95% is the best I ever get … [Read more...]

Chemo and Caffeine – A True Story


This is part 3 of my ongoing series as I detail my experiences in my battle with colon cancer. Last month, I covered my first visit to the infusion center.  Today, I would like to tell a story that just might help others caught in the same position down the road. The list of possible side effects for my treatment is long.  Fatigue, muscle ache, nausea, neuropathy, constipation, diarrhea (both?, huh?), etc.  The list goes on and on.  So when I found myself extremely tired with a killer … [Read more...]

Therapy Treatment Begins…


Let's do a quick recap. August 20th - Routine colonoscopy because I'm 51.  Find a lesion.  Sent to lab for testing August 22nd - Doctor calls and says “It is cancer.” August 29th - Take wife to US Open in NYC for our 25th anniversary because doctor said it was ok to go. September 14th - Get colon resection surgery to remove cancer and part of my colon. September 17th - Told by surgeon it is Stage 3 cancer and I will need to see an oncologist. September 25th - Meet Dr Mendoca, … [Read more...]

My Top Ten Takeaways From Colon Cancer Surgery

Green is good!

In last month's post, I described my feelings and experience when you hear the news that the diagnosis is cancer.  Since then, I have had a colon resection, or in regular speak, they cut out about 5 inches of my colon to remove the affected area, and then re-attached the two ends.  Colon is good as new. Below is my top ten list of takeaways as a surgery noob.  Yep, 51 years old and I had never been admitted to a hospital before.  For some of you, my list may seem obvious.  For any surgery … [Read more...]