So, When Do We Get The Keys?

It's the most asked question after the buyers sign their loan package. So, when do we get the keys? They may be buying their retirement home or it could be a first time home buyer. It doesn't matter. They all want to know the answer to that question. The official answer is "In Arizona, the property transfers or conveys upon recordation of the deed with the County Recorder." This … [Read more...]

Maybe You Shouldn’t Attend Your Client’s Signings…

What better place to get something off my chest than Jay's site. Jay's been known a time or three to rant a bit here, (my personal favorite is still the Tempe towing scam) so I figure he'll understand. Before I begin, I've struggled as to whether I should even be writing on this topic. As a branch manager for a title company, my bread is buttered by agents and lenders referring their clients to … [Read more...]

Fighting Fraud Is Part Of The Job – From the Title guy

Fighting fraud has become a big part of the job for escrow and title professionals. We are not only protecting our company, but we are protecting lenders, buyers and sellers as well. The bad guys are very creative, as detailed in the following story An order was opened with a title company and the person purporting to be the mortgage broker asked about the possibility of closing the loan herself … [Read more...]

The Loan Package Dissected

So you get the call from your agent that the title company has received the loan documents and needs to set up an appointment. Lucky you!  If you are a first time home buyer, everyone tells you to "get ready to sign your life away" or "man is your wrist going to tired from all that signing" or "be prepared for a hour of misery" and so on and so on.  My goal … [Read more...]

Offer Accepted! Escrow Open! What the Heck is Escrow?

Jay’s note: I’m quite excited to introduce Bill Risser as a semi-regular contributor to Phoenix Real Estate Guy! Bill is a “Title Guy” – he’s an Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at Chicago Title Insurance in Gilbert, AZ. There aren’t a whole lot of title folks in the real estate blogiverse and I think he’ll provide some great insight into what is often one of the more … [Read more...]