Are you ready to move to Phoenix?


So the day has come. You have decided to move. Maybe you found a great new home in Eastmark in Mesa AZ. Or maybe you have decided you are moving to Carino Estates, one of our favorite Chandler communities. Or maybe you are being real brave and moving to Phoenix from somewhere out of state (here are the critters you can expect to see.) If you are a DIY mover, here is a checklist that can help you in this infographic below. One of the more interesting pieces of this infographic about moving … [Read more...]

Phoenix home appraisal process, what to expect

Phoenix home appraisal process

  If you like this infographic please feel free to tweet, pin, like or share it in any way you want. Want to share this infographic, feel free, we make it easy for you to do so. Just copy and paste this text into your site. <p style="text-align: center;"><img title="Art of the Appraisal" alt="Home appraisal process" src="" width="100%" border="0" /><br /> Brought … [Read more...]

Thinking of selling Phoenix home, should I sell or wait? #askTPREG 15

sellin hot market or wait

Selling Phoenix Home: Sell now or wait? I am thinking of selling my Phoenix area home. I hear home prices could up as much as 10% in the next two years. I am thinking of moving, should I sell my Phoenix home or should I wait? If you have been reading these AskTPREG posts you know what is likely coming next, it depends... But let me explain why. First we are going to make some assumptions. First we are going to assume that 10% number is right. Second we are going to assume that there are … [Read more...]

Phoenix real estate market is hot, does that mean another crash? #AskTPREG

Phoenix Real Estate Market

Phoenix real estate market has been hot, does that mean another crash is coming? I have received this question probably a dozen times in the last 5 years. The answer is no. So why does the Phoenix real estate market seem so hot right now? There are a few reasons that are contributing to this. Big speculation is over the boomerang buyers who had foreclosures 7 years ago, and short sales 4 years ago coming into the market. And while that may be a small factor, there are other contributing … [Read more...]

Carino Estates Chandler AZ Market Update

CarinoEstatesMarketUpdate We created a new page for one of our favorite Chandler AZ communities, Carino Estates. Carino Estates is in Chandler's 85286 zip code and stretches for the mile between Arizona Blvd and Alma School Rd just to the north of Queen Creek Road. We are going to work on a monthly market update for Carino Estates starting with this one here. Carino Estates Housing Stats There are currently only 3 active listings in Carino meaning the supply of houses is only … [Read more...]