#AskTPREG your Phoenix real estate questions answered

Phoenix Sold

Welcome to the first edition (of many I hope) of #AskTPREG (ask The Phoenix Real Estate Guys). What we will do is take your questions and answer them. You can email us, tweet us, leave a question on Instagram, in the comments below or on our Facebook page and we will give your our words of wisdom... or something like that. We may answer in a video, we may answer on Periscope, we may answer with a picture, or we may not answer at all. That's the great thing about being able to pick the … [Read more...]

What remodeling projects should I do if I’m selling my home

White Kitchen

I recently went to lunch with a friend who is a  former client. He asked me what home remodeling projects and upgrades he should do to his Chandler home. Of course the answer to this is, depends... I asked him when he planned on selling. His answer was, not any time in the foreseeable future. Turns out he has some time off this summer and wants to spend it working on and upgrading his home. The answer I gave to this past client is completely different than the answer I would have gave him … [Read more...]

This week’s social follow of the week is @RealJoe


This week's social follow of the week for Phoenix is the one and only Joe Johnston, known online as @RealJoe. Joe is best known for his restaurants in the Gilbert area that include Joe's BBQ, Liberty Market and Joe's Farm Grill. While following Joe on Twitter and Instagram can be beneficial for finding out about specials at his restaurants, including his customer appreciation day with free BBQ at Joe's Real BBQ,  the real joy is to watch his travels and reviews of other restaurants. Joe … [Read more...]

Should my agent do an open house?

Open House setup

You want to get an agent fired up, there are a few topics that will usually do that. One subject is Zillow, or For Sale By Owners, another is dual agency and a big one is open houses. Should I do an open? If you ask most agents, they will tell you the only reason that agents do open houses is to generate leads for themselves. And I would say that for most agents, that is true. But we at Phoenix Real Estate Guy do them for another reason. We have a history of working open houses that benefit … [Read more...]

This week’s Phoenix social follow of the week is azc_obert


This week for our Phoenix social follow of the week we are picking Richard Obert's @azc_obert Twitter account. Richard is the high school sports reporter for the Arizona Republic and does a great covering all the local high school sports in the Phoenix metro area. If you are a high school sports fan like I am, this is a great time of the year to add @azc_obert to your twitter feed. The spring sports season is coming to its conclusion and spring tournaments are starting to kick off. Obert … [Read more...]