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I am a Chandler Area area real estate agent who works with Sellers and Buyers to help them meet their real estate objectives. When I am not talking real estate I tend to be running, hiking or coaching kids sports. I am an Evernote junkie too.

Gilbert housing market can change quickly

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It is amazing how fast things can change in the housing market. One of the reasons we always advise against trying to time the market is you never know when the top or the bottom was, until you can see it clearly in the rear view window. For the last 18-months Gilbert, and the rest of the Phoenix housing market has been a strong sellers market. A sellers market is defined as less than three … [Read more...]

Watch out here comes the second Phoenix housing bubble

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Relax, no need to jump off the cliff yet. If you have watched any news reports in the last couple of days you have probably seen this headline, but what is really likely to happen in Phoenix? First Of course the legal disclosure that our high priced attorney's make us issue… This is our opinion, in no way do we have a crystal ball, and while I would like to think I have an open line with … [Read more...]

What you may want to know about selling your Phoenix home

Make it Sparkle

In today's seller's market you hear stories all the time that go something like this: Just out your house on the market, don't worry anyone can sell it in any condition. I'm here to assure you, when someone tells you that it is about as close to the truth as someone telling you cycling is the most drug free sport. Sure, inventory is low and sure that does make it easier to sell a house no … [Read more...]

Phoenix appraisal issues, now what?


Last week I wrote about how Phoenix appraisals are a crazy game. You never know what is going to happen. So the question goes back to, what do you do if your Phoenix appraisal comes in low? Obvious answer is.. well, it depends. If an appraisal on a $200,000 comes in at $195,000, that is one thing. If the appraisal on a $200,000 house comes back at $186,000, that is a completely different … [Read more...]

Phoenix appraisals, you never know

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The more time I spend in this business and the more time I believe I understand what will happen, the more I am surprised. The only thing certain about a Phoenix area appraisal is the uncertainty. With prices increasing as fast as they continue to do in Phoenix and the East Valley real estate market, you always worry about appraisals keeping up with the demand. The issue with prices … [Read more...]