Phoenix social follow of the week @Joshua_Becker

Phoenix Joshua Becker

Phoenix Social Follow Joshua Becker Somewhere around 2006, 2007, I remember "minimalist" becoming a big thing. Over the years I have always desired to move in that direction, and at times have done some purging, but never to the point that I really wanted to achieve. There is a local celebrity in the minimalist movement, his name is @Joshua_Becker. He is the author behind the popular blog Becoming Minimalist. Join the almost 32k people who follow @Joshua_Becker on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Are all Phoenix listing agent marketing plans really the same? #AskTPREG 11

Phoenix Listing Agents Marketing plans Phoenix listing agents all have their own marketing plans. And then there are some that will show up and offer you a low fee listing plan and tell you "don't worry, all any agent really does is put it in the MLS for you."  That could not be further from the truth. The average days a house took to sell over the last year is 81 days. My average is 19 days. There is a reason that some houses sell quicker than other houses. When you are hiring a listing agent … [Read more...]

Should I ask Seller to pay my closing costs? #AskTPREG 10

Seller Paid Closing Costs Myth

Should the Buyer ask the Seller to pay for their closing costs? Most people would say yes, you should ask the Seller to pay for your closing costs? How do I know this, because it hear it all the time. Almost every time a new buyer comes into my office and we discuss offers, they say I want the Seller to pay for my closing costs. And that sounds awesome. But I always point out to them, the Seller is never really paying for the closing costs. What the Buyer is … [Read more...]

Social Tuesday follow for Frank @urMechanic Leutz


This is a fun one and an informative one. Well fun and informative for a former wrench monkey like myself. My old friends know, for the first 4 years after high school my job was turning wrenches at a few garages/dealerships in New Hampshire. While I always enjoyed working on cars, having to do it for a living is a different issue. But some people love doing it for a living, Frank Leutz of Desert Car Care in Chandler is one of them. I found Frank on Periscope about a week ago doing a … [Read more...]

Periscope for real estate agents

Periscope for Real Estate

Have you seen the new social media app Periscope? If you are on Twitter, I am sure you have seen a few updates in your stream and maybe you are wondering what it is. Periscope is a live video streaming service which is now owned by Twitter, so you know the integration going forward is only going to get tighter. I have been using Periscope for about two weeks now and am really starting to enjoy it. It has allowed me to connect with new people in my community, new agents and to reach a good … [Read more...]