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9 Places You Won’t Find Your Loan Officer


Occasionally I hear people complain that their loan officer is nowhere to be found. "Really?" is my usual response when I hear them tell me how their loan officer is MIA and how they need to get in touch with them immediately. I think that normal people who can't find their loan officer must just be looking in all the wrong places. If you are looking for your loan officer, here are 9 … [Read more...]

Arizona HARP Refinance: Is It a Good Option For You?


The Home Affordable Refinance Program was first announced in 2009 as a way to help underwater homeowners refinance their homes and hopefully stimulate the economy. After HARP 1 didn't go as well as hoped, the HARP program was modified and labeled HARP 2.0 early in 2012. While HARP 2.0 is helping more homeowners than HARP 1.0 did, there are still millions of homeowners left out in the cold when it … [Read more...]

Canadian Citizen Financing Options in 2012


Here in the Phoenix area, pretty much any lender can help you get a property financed if you are a US citizen and can meet the qualification criteria. A quick-and-simple overview of what loan options are available for US citizens include: FHA loans - popular with first time home buyers and people who have less-than-perfect credit. Generally speaking, you will need higher than a 620 credit score … [Read more...]

What To Expect After a Short Sale


A wise mentor of mine once taught me this concept: Crisis + Time = Humor Over the last few years, more than just a few homeowners have went through the short sale process - and from what I can put together, there will be people trying to decide whether a short sale is right for them for years to come. For better or worse, I happen to be an expert on the subject of "what to expect after a … [Read more...]

Are Stated Income Loans Coming Back?

Stated Income Comeback

If you are a successful small business entrepreneur in America, I can generally group you into one of two groups: You run a great business and are shrewd with your accounting... or You can qualify for a mortgage. You mean that you can't be a shrewd small business person and qualify for a mortgage? Generally speaking... that is exactly what I mean. During the big real estate and … [Read more...]