Finally, a Sexy Book about Fixing & Flipping Houses

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There's a growing epidemic in this country. Scantily clad woman are on the loose - on billboards, TV, online and in the newspaper - promoting everything from lip balm to tiny foreign cars. I actually heard a radio spot last week with a voluptuous-sounding woman advertising tee times for a local golf course. “Join me for a threesome or foursome,” she said. Yesterday, I was flipping through the channels during the middle of the day and caught a condom ad. Trojan Man, Trojan Man. Things have … [Read more...]

Twitter for People that don’t “get” Twitter


I'm uncomfortable with anyone referring to me as an expert, unless it has to do with cereal or cheap red wine ”“ which is why I feel a little funny writing a post titled “Twitter for People that don't get Twitter”. It implies that I'm some sort of Twitter expert. Clearly, I'm not. (But you can follow Marty on Twitter here.) Since I created my account in 2009, I've accumulated just 802 followers. Many of them have no interest in reading anything I have to write. Sometimes when I send out a … [Read more...]

The Last of the Social Media Holdouts


This post isn't about you. If it were you wouldn't be reading it because you don't do social media. Chances are, you have a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker or business colleague that completely rejects the notion that social media is valuable and can somehow, either directly or indirectly, improve their lives and the lives of others. This post is about them. They are the last of the social media holdouts. (Marty is not a holdout, follow him on … [Read more...]

The Miraculous Maricopa Recovery


My Dad has a lot of great sayings. I'll never forget the night of my senior prom. I brought my girlfriend back to our house for pictures. As I stood there posing in my $100 rental tuxedo he blurted out, “Son, you can't polish a turd.” Gee, thanks Dad. In March 2009, my Dad bought a 1,500 square foot bank-owned home in Maricopa, Arizona. The house was, well ”¦ a little turdish. He spent $5,000 fixing it up and quickly leased it for $875 per month. His net monthly cash flow was $350. … [Read more...]

FHA Buyers: Phoenix housing market 2nd class citizens


Call me an infrequent flyer. Last week, I stood in the long line at the Phoenix Sky Harbor security checkpoint like a lamb being led to slaughter. The short line, the one that guys in fancy suits get to use, was strictly forbidden because I didn't know the secret handshake. I also lacked preferred silver diamond elite status. I boarded the plane with the Zone 5'ers and passed by the first class passengers as they sipped their free booze and closed multi-million dollar deals on their … [Read more...]