Finally, a Sexy Book about Fixing & Flipping Houses

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There’s a growing epidemic in this country. Scantily clad woman are on the loose - on billboards, TV, online and in the newspaper - promoting everything from lip balm to tiny foreign cars. I actually heard a radio spot last week with a voluptuous-sounding woman advertising tee times for a local golf course. “Join me for a threesome or foursome,” she said. Yesterday, I was flipping through … [Read more...]

Twitter for People that don’t “get” Twitter


I’m uncomfortable with anyone referring to me as an expert, unless it has to do with cereal or cheap red wine – which is why I feel a little funny writing a post titled “Twitter for People that don’t get Twitter”. It implies that I’m some sort of Twitter expert. Clearly, I’m not. (But you can follow Marty on Twitter here.) Since I created my account in 2009, I’ve … [Read more...]

The Last of the Social Media Holdouts


This post isn’t about you. If it were you wouldn’t be reading it because you don’t do social media. Chances are, you have a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker or business colleague that completely rejects the notion that social media is valuable and can somehow, either directly or indirectly, improve their lives and the lives of others. This … [Read more...]

The Miraculous Maricopa Recovery


My Dad has a lot of great sayings. I’ll never forget the night of my senior prom. I brought my girlfriend back to our house for pictures. As I stood there posing in my $100 rental tuxedo he blurted out, “Son, you can’t polish a turd.” Gee, thanks Dad. In March 2009, my Dad bought a 1,500 square foot bank-owned home in Maricopa, Arizona. The house was, well … a little turdish. He … [Read more...]

FHA Buyers: Phoenix housing market 2nd class citizens


Call me an infrequent flyer. Last week, I stood in the long line at the Phoenix Sky Harbor security checkpoint like a lamb being led to slaughter. The short line, the one that guys in fancy suits get to use, was strictly forbidden because I didn’t know the secret handshake. I also lacked preferred silver diamond elite status. I boarded the plane with the Zone 5’ers and passed by the … [Read more...]