A New Beginning for The Phoenix Real Estate Guy


This is a bittersweet post to write. It was almost 10 years ago that I started this little blog on a small corner of the Interwebs. Ten years is close to an eon in "blog time." Since then, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy (or "TPREG" for short) went from a readership of one (well, three or four if you count family) into having over a million unique visitors in its last full year of prime activity. It helped us open a brokerage, and it opened a lot of doors. 'Twas quite the ride. Today, I … [Read more...]

It pays to know your neighbor!

In the United States, a burglary occurs approximately every 15-seconds and 65% of violent burglary victims say they knew the offenders. What do you really know about your neighbors? Learn what to lookout for, as well as statistics about burglary and violent crime in the U.S., in order to keep your family safe in your neighborhood. Know Thy Neighbor infographic created by: Instant Checkmate … [Read more...]

New York City at 3:00am


Jay's note: I originally published this tiny post and these images almost exactly three years ago. Today I am back at the Inman Connect  conference (the 2013 version this time). I love this city, and as I wandered about earlier today, I was reminded of this article. Enjoy! ======= I'm in New York City for the 2010 Inman Connect Real Estate Conference and RE Bar Camp NYC 2010. Couldn't sleep, so I took a quick walk around my hotel, The Royalton. It was 3:00am, and 28 degrees outside so I … [Read more...]

One Year Later: What Clint Miller Taught Me About Life

Clint and Aaron

A year ago today, my friend Clint Miller lost a ridiculously gallant battle with testicular cancer. I miss him every day. Man, a lot of stuff has happened in the last year. Got a new job. Relocated. Had a heart attack. Sent the youngest to college. Watched the oldest move out. I learned a lot from all those life lessons. But nothing and no one has taught me more about life in the last 12 months than Clint. The guy knew how to love and live. I'll never forget that. Below is what I … [Read more...]