Blog FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Phoenix Real Estate Guy

When did this blog start?
The first post was published on May 8, 2005.

It was not good. (says Jay Thompson, we think it was awesome)

Who Started the Blog?

Jay Thompson is, and will always be the original Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

Who owns the blog?

The blog is owned by tPREG Marketing LLC and is operated by Dean Ouellette, Shar Rundio and Nick Bastian. Jay Thompson sold the blog on April 1st, 2015. (Yes, April Fools Day – No joke!)

What is this blog about?
In a nutshell, real estate. Primarily Phoenix real estate. Yes, that’s a broad topic but this blog covers pretty much all aspects of real estate; including the perspective of the real estate buyer, seller, investor and those that make a living in real estate – agents, brokers, lenders, and vendors.

There are also fairly frequent random musings, local events, news and opinion pieces on just about everything.

Why do you write here?
I wish I knew! 😉  The blog started as two things: 1) an experiment; and 2) a writing outlet. Over time it has morphed into a pretty amazing venue for reaching former and current clients and “prospecting” for potential and new clients. Hopefully it’s helped teach some folks about real estate and the Phoenix area.

Can I link to you? Add you to my blogroll?
Sure! As long as you are not a spammer, a porn site, a Viagra (or some similar drug) site, etc. We love links!

Can we exchange links?
Sorry, we don’t participate in link exchanges of any kind.

Why don’t you participate in link exchanges?
One, Google appears to have devalued “reciprocal” links (link exchanges). Two, we get a dozen or more requests to exchange links every week, and simply couldn’t keep up even if we tried. And three, we’ve been burned in the past by people that would remove the link once we linked to them. We’re not saying whoever is reading this would do that, but it soured us on the whole link exchange thing. Write compelling content, and people (tPREG included) will naturally link to you. And that is WAY better than any reciprocal link.

Can I copy your content?
Uh, no. That would be a violation of copyright law. You are welcome to use snippets of posts, as long as they are properly attributed (with a link to the original post).

Do you have a privacy policy?

Sure do! The TPREG privacy policy.

TPREG? What’s a TPREG?
The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

How about a comment policy?
Yep. In short, please don’t advertise in the comments, and be civil. Pretty simple.

How many hours have you spent on this site?
We have no idea. Lots. At least a couple thousand probably.

Is it worth it?
Absolutely! It’s been tremendously rewarding on many levels.