Tempe Closer To Getting Google Fiber

Google Fiber Tempe AZ

Back in 2010, there was a national contest for cities to "win" the chance to bring Google Fiber to their town. Unfortunately, Tempe didn't "win" the contest that year, but we didn't give up either. Today, the City of Tempe announced that we are one step closer to Google Fiber coming to the valley. https://twitter.com/Tempegov/status/626946400748613634 So, what the heck is Google Fiber? It is super-fast internet and television service at more affordable rates. One city council member … [Read more...]

Lou Malnati’s Coming To Phoenix Area?

Lou Malnati's to Phoenix

So, we know this is a real estate blog and all, but I have this thing about pizza... I mean, I like it, a LOT. My oldest son is the same way. Deep dish, thin crust, wood-fired, fancy, grilled and maybe even frozen in a pinch. While I have lived in Arizona since the early 70's, I was born in Illinois and have some pretty deep roots and some seriously awesome family and friends in Chi' Town. About a month ago, I went for a visit to Illinois and was treated to some Lou Malnati's while I was … [Read more...]

A New Beginning for The Phoenix Real Estate Guy


This is a bittersweet post to write. It was almost 10 years ago that I started this little blog on a small corner of the Interwebs. Ten years is close to an eon in "blog time." Since then, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy (or "TPREG" for short) went from a readership of one (well, three or four if you count family) into having over a million unique visitors in its last full year of prime activity. It helped us open a brokerage, and it opened a lot of doors. 'Twas quite the ride. Today, I … [Read more...]

Revisiting: A life-altering moment. Putting things in perspective.


Jay's note: This week last year I came upon a horrific accident scene that I was certain involved my only son. Shortly after I wrote this someone, I can't remember who now, said I should revisit it in a year. So here it is. "Personally, I'm going to make a concerted effort to stop taking things for granted. To appreciate life more. To not sweat the small stuff," was a pledge made in this article. I've done OK with that. Certainly not perfect, but the memories of this day are still strong, and … [Read more...]

Why your listing is on my website

Screen Shot 2012-03-03 at 1.49.06 PM

I get emails like this all the time... Hello Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Can you tell me why you have my listing on your web site? This is my listing and you aren't authorized to have it on your site. Please remove it immediately. The short answer is because YOU authorized it when you entered the listing. Apparently though, there are a number of real estate agents and even Designated Brokers that do not understand IDX (Internet Data eXchange). How it is possible in this day and age for … [Read more...]