Dan Schwartz Realty Acquired by HomeSmart

I heard from a “very reliable source” last week that Dan Schwartz Realty ”“ a large Phoenix area real estate brokerage was being sold.

Today John Wake reports that Dan Schwartz has been acquired by HomeSmart Real Estate ”” giving the “new” HomeSmart a whopping 3,300 agents.

Given the size and prominence of both of these Valley brokerages, I’m surprised nothing (that I can find) has come out in the mainstream media”¦

In related Phoenix area real estate brokerage news, Jonathan Dalton reports on the demise of a couple of Valley Century 21 brokerages.

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    From another blog I read today- C21 around the valley is in trouble- looks like a great time to open a small virtual office with smart, techie types at the helm- Hey check out Thompson's Realty :)

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    Wow I didn't know Dan Schwartz Realty was so big – 3,300 agents is quite a lot. It does seem like a great time to open the next generation of real estate brokerages.


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