Downtown Gilbert: The Heritage District in Photos


Downtown Gilbert Heritage District The Heritage District, aka Downtown Gilbert, Arizona. An eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and services.

Big Granite Ball “Big Granite Ball” water feature at Gilbert’s Water Tower Plaza. It “floats” and can be turned by hand!

Water Tower Collection Gilbert’s landmark structure ”“ The Water Tower. Built in 1927.

Gallery 225
Interior of Gallery 225, the newest shop in downtown Gilbert.

Enjoy all of the photos in this Flickr slideshow:

Creative Commons License
Downtown Gilbert, Arizona photo set by Jay Thompson.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


    • says

      Thanks Alan, I couldn't decide which one I like best so I took the easy route — use them all!

      I think there are a lot of folks that live in Gilbert that don't truly appreciate how cool our little downtown is.

  1. says

    You have a good eye for the beauty in life. A very interesting pictorial you put together. I love the architectural design of the old buildings (the tattoo parlor). We have several like that in south jersey and I am guessing they were built around the 1920s. I guess the same set of building plans went where ever they sold a hammer.

    • says

      I really like older design too Greg. It's hard to find around here. We don't have many older buildings around here. Just don't have the history like they do back east. Arizona wasn't even a state until 1912…

    • Susan says

      Pretty pictures! I found the park below the water tower by accident one evening after eating at Oregano's. Nice little historic area. Too bad the shops don't get more business. I used to live in a little town like Gilbert on the North shore of Long Island. Most of the parking was at either end of the street so patrons had to walk past the stores to get to the restaurants. It was beautiful and the stores stayed open later at night on the busy days. Brewer Caldwell

  2. Cooper says

    Very nice. Captures the "feel" of your downtown. It is more…. quaint… than I would have expected. LOVE the effect on "Big Granite Ball"!


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