Former Point2 Execs Start VendAsta


The former executive team at Point2 Agent has started up VendAsta.

Trust me, they are (for now) tight-lipped about their plans. I tried to get them to cough it up at Inman Connect, but no dice. Brendan King has promised me I’ll be “one of the first” to know. And I’m going to hold you to that Mr. King!

For now, all I know is what is on their site:

VendAsta is a new Saskatoon-based software development company focusing on mobile and web-based business application development. We are building a team of devoted, highly-intelligent, cool people to deliver revolutionary software solutions to our clients.

The team consists of:
Ches Hagen, Co-founder and CEO
Brendan King, Co-founder and President
Jason Collins, CTO
Jeff Tomlin, EVP, Business Development
John Fothergill, EVP, Product Management
Allan Wolinski, EVP Usability Engineering
Jonathan Levesque, EVP, Partner Relations

This is one sharp bunch of guys, and it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got!

PS: They are hiring.

Hat tip to Jessica Swesey at InmanBlog —> they scooped me damnit!
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  1. Keep after the story Jimmy Olson, I hate to see you scooped by Lois Lane :) and good luck to all, they helped to build a wonderful company and software solution at P2.

  2. Jay, it was great seeing you at Inman. Please email those pictures you took on the Google Balcony – what a view. I blogged a bit today about our new company. I have a feeling I will be doing more in the next while!

  3. It will be interesting to see what type of products they come out with.

  4. I just read in another post that these guys left point2homes… they moved quickly don't they? How long will it take them to come up with new products?

  5. I have tried from VendAsta and is great.

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  1. […] VendAsta Moves In Many of you reading this will already know that group of Ex P2ers have started our own company.  You can read about it at .  That said, I realize that you really can’t tell from our website what it is we are up to.  There is some speculation in the blogoshphere and some initial reports here and here. […]

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