Gilbert ranked 36th best place to live by Money Magazine



Sunny little Gilbert, AZ – our humble abode – has been ranked by Money Magazine as the 36th best place to live in the U.S.

Using some undisclosed formula that appears to take into consideration factors like housing, income, crime, growth, schools and “quality of life”, Gilbert returns to the Top 100 list after missing the cut in 2009 and being ranked #28 in 2008.

I wish I knew exactly how they chose to rank the cities, but it appears to be a bigger secret than the formula for Coca-Cola or the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. The number 1 ranked city, Eden Prairie, MN, has an average January low temperature of 3.7 degrees. Yikes! Best place to live? Then again, our average July high temp is 105.1 – equally oppressive in the opposite direction.

Scottsdale, at number 71 was the only other Arizona community to make the list.

No Arizona city was listed in 2009.

In 2008, four Arizona municipalities were ranked: Gilbert (28), Chandler (30), Scottsdale (47) and Peoria (55). (AZCentral)

Curious to see if your town made the list? Here is the full list.

Want to know more about Gilbert? You can try our woefully lacking in content new site at City Guide Gilbert, search here on Phoenix Real Estate Guy for articles on Gilbert or just come on over!

Here’s a slide show of a few pictures I’ve taken in downtown Gilbert…

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  1. I'd also like to know on what basis they rank the cities. I can't understand how Scottsdale slipped from 47 to 71. I think it is a better place to live every year.

  2. A list without information how they exactly value the factors like housing, income, crime, growth, schools and “quality of life” can never be a list to look to hard on. Just a little list. Nice photos from Gilbert.

  3. Cools pics. Judging from the photos, it appears Gilbert really deserves to be in the list. Congrats Jay and thanks for the link to the full list. It was nice to know three cities in Florida made it (Coconut Creek, Coral Springs and Wellington). I just wish they can somehow provide a few details as to how they pick those that made it to the top 100.

  4. Congrats

    Yorba Linda, CA made number #38

    Gilbert was a nice town when I came and saw ya before REBCAZ last year.

    What really makes Gilbert Rock is Jay and the Thompson Realty Team!

  5. Nice. I haven't been to Gilbert in 3-4 years but I remember it having a very undefinable that made it very appealing.

  6. This list is only for "small" cities?

    Judging from the pictures, that looks like an interesting town and a "cozy" place to live. Reminds me of the town i grew up in, but the communities are well taken care of.

  7. Bryan Johnson says:

    Come on now. Gilbert, the 36th best place to live in the NATION? Nahhhh… I just lost all respect for this list when there wasn’t one coastline city mentioned from California in the top 25.

    I’ve lived in AZ for a long time, but let’s be honest here. :)

  8. I've never even heard of a town called Gilbert… maybe it's time to go check it out. Although its quite a long drive from Austin, TX. It's interesting to see how and who ranks these towns as "best place to live in".

  9. Congratulations Gilbert. It's people that make the community so don't forget where you came from. Looking forward to visiting your town soon…

  10. Any town named "Gilbert" definitely deserves some sort of recognition. 😉

  11. Great news for the townsfolk of Gilbert! Hhhmm, I wonder what's the criteria for the ranking…..Thanks for posting an interesting article!!! love your post!


  1. […] AZ Gilbert ranked 36th best place to live by Money Magazine Sunny little Gilbert, AZ – our humble abode – has been ranked by Money Magazine as the 36th […]

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