Historical Mortgage Rate Trend Charts


UPDATED! Please go here for updated mortgage rate trend charts (updated through May 2011)

Update: Please see this post for updated charts (through August 2008).

The 30 year mortgage rate monthly trend chart and post that was made here in September of 2006 continues to be one of the most frequented posts on this blog.

I’ve updated the 30 year fixed mortgage rate trend chart so that it now shows mortgage interest rates from April 1971 through December 2007.

In addition,historical rate trend charts for 15 year fixed mortgages, and 1 and 5 year ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) have been added.

Each chart plots the average monthly mortgage rate for the designated time period.

Data was supplied by FreddieMac and is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed (naturally).

You are welcome to link to these charts, down load, or distribute them as long as the attribution remains intact (click on each chart for a larger image). If there is another way you’d like to see these plotted, give me a shout!

30 year mortgage rate historical chart

15 year mortgage historical rate chart

1 year ARM historical rate chart

5 year ARM historical rate chart

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  1. Jay,

    Thanks for putting this together. It's interesting to look at the trends over this length of time – we are clearly enjoying historically low interest rates.

  2. I know our website visitors will be *very* happy for the updates!

  3. Good info Jay. Rates have recently dropped to their lowest point in 2 years after a spike up in December.

  4. Wow, this certainly makes me happy that I was only three years old in 1984 and didn't have to pay those steep interest rates. I'm going to draw up a chart like this today for one of my clients that is beating his poor broker up over the interest rate he is offering him. Thanks for the great idea Jay.

  5. What a great visual. Thanks for putting these together.

  6. Everybody is scared of the "impending doom" in the mortgage market but those trend lines are looking pretty good to me.

  7. Bravo. Good info. Thanks for sharing

  8. If if was this bad back in the day and we survived. We should come out okay in the long run.

  9. thanks for the info…. very helpful. Relative to more than just the phoenix real estate market.

  10. thank you for an informative editorial

  11. Thanks for putting this together, this is great info! It is quite helpful, thanks again for sharing.

  12. Wow. It seems we don’t have many reasons to complain about our mortgage rates. How did people manage mortgage payments back in 1980-1983? Of course property prices were considerably lower, but that was in line with salaries. I can’t even imagine consequences if our rates were anywhere in that region.


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