How to beat the Phoenix Summer Heat


It was inevitable. You simply can not live here and avoid writing a post on How to Beat the Phoenix Summer Heat. It would be a disservice. So here it is!

Summer does not officially start until June 21st, 2013 but if you live in Arizona that does not mean much. Around the 15th of May the top news stories start to revolve around how hot it will be in Phoenix today, when we can expect to get some relief from the heat, (Hint: mid October is a good bet) or wait for it….will we get some…..RAIN?!?! This type of “breaking news” story will continue, pretty much daily, until our blissful weather returns. Typically this happens some time around the end of September or mid October depending what year it is and who you are talking to.

As of today, we have already had 5 days (I think that is right but don’t quote me on that, ok?) where the temperature has reached 110+ this year. It is going to be a long HOT summer! So, what do we do to survive the “record breaking heat” in Phoenix? Here are a few tips:

Stay inside. Enjoy the air conditioning in the comfort of your own home. I know that can be boring! Feel free to venture out to an air conditioned movie theater, museum or local library but be sure to take a sweater. We tend to over air condition here to compensate for the summer heat.

Get Wet. Jump into the pool in your backyard. Don’t have a pool? I recommend making friends with someone who does, quickly! Head out to one of the area lakes; Saguaro Lake, Lake Pleasant, Roosevelt Lake, or Canyon Lake to name a few. Go to a water park or splash park. Typically the splash parks are FREE…Free is my 2nd favorite “F’ word. Those that know me don’t need to guess what my favorite “F” word is. I like the Rotary Splash Park in Fountain Hills. Duh, that was a no brainer…I live in Fountain Hills!

Get out of town. Head to the beach! San Diego, Santa Monica, and Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point, Mexico are favorite summer destinations within a few hours driving distance for Arizona locals.

Staycation. To compensate for the dip in tourist activity in the hot summer months several local hotels offer smoking deals. Bonus: You don’t have to travel far to take advantage of the great deals.  You can check out 10 area staycation recommendations here.

Day Trip. Can’t afford a trip out of town or a stay in a local hotel? No problem! Take a day trip to Flagstaff, Payson, Prescott, Sedona or Jerome to enjoy cooler temps.

The obvious tips:

Get Out Early. The temps are not scorching (yet) in the early morning hours. Run, hike (my personal favorite), walk or get your grocery shopping done before 8am.

Dress lightly. Overall Phoenix is pretty casual, even more so in the summer months. Shorts, flip flops, tank tops, or a sundress are summer wardrobe staples. They are not frowned upon here.

Shade. It will become your new best friend. If you MUST go out look for a shady spot to park your car or yourself.

Hydrate. Take water with you EVERYWHERE! I recommend keeping a cooler in your car filled with ice and water.

What are you doing to beat the summer heat? Feel free to add a comment below!

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