It’s Here! It’s Raining in Phoenix…


It’s a veritable downpour. Start building an ark.

This photo, taken moments ago, shows the rain on the hood of my Jeep. Look closely…

I guess I shouldn’t complain. I just got off the phone with Teresa Boardman (such a lovely gal by the way) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Where it’s like 9 now — or something equally ridiculous.

But rain here is a big weather deal. It even makes the lead story in the news (see Large Amount of Rain Moving Into Valley). According to this story, we may get 1 to 2 inches of rain in the next 48 hours. Keep in mind the average amount of rainfall for the entire months of November and December combined is 1.4 inches.

Jonathan is anxiously awaiting the deluge.

Here’s a shot of the sidewalk that may show the rain better than the Jeep photo…

And this is just for Teresa. I know an agent that can find you a great winter home… Stay warm T!!

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    It is 1PM and raining In Sun City! It is as exciting to watch rain approach here as it is on Christmas Eve for children to watch Santa on NORAD’s radar.

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    Jay – what is a shame is that your area and Austin, as I am sure you remember, has flash flooding when we get a fast and hard rain. There isn't much for the water to soak into so it just runs off. Wouldn't you love to see an inch of rain fall in about a 10 hour period? The plants would love it.

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    Jay, We got snow today which is about as common in Vancouver as rain in Phoenix. The city maybe paralysed if this continues. We may have 2-3inches in the morning. LOL. The rest of Canada just laughs at us, but on Monday its supposed to be 12c. (about 54f) on Monday while the rest of Can. freezes….

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    see on that weather report where it shows the wind? The creates a windchill that makes the temperature feel much worse than it is. It blows through the walls of my ancient house and my feet freeze while I work. Thanks for the link love. I will have to come for a visit, rain doesn't bother me. :) . .

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    And to think I left all that rain in Phoenix for four to six inches of snow here today. Hmmm……. and 25 degrees. What was I thinking??? Of course, I don't have to worry about the pool overflowing here or people who don't know how to drive in the rain.

    Did you ever notice how everyone in Phoenix decides it's time to go out when it starts to rain? A weird phenomena!


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