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Longtime readers know I like to play around with different things on this little corner of the Interwebs.

About a year ago, I tried out LiveFyre – a commenting system that has more bells and whistles than the built-in native WordPress comment system.

That little blogsperiment lasted about 20 minutes before I realized that it required a commenter to establish an account with LiveFyre.

Jay doesn’t like forcing people to create accounts just to leave a comment.

Well, LiveFyre is back again — this time without the requirement to create an account (though really, you should consider it. More on that later).

It’s super simple to use. Just write your comment and click on the “Post comment as” button. You will see something like this:

You can select to log on with accounts from LiveFyre, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or OpenID. If none of those float your boat, you can just enter your name, email and a URL — as with the old standard WordPress comments.

Advantages to creating a LiveFyre account

By creating a free LifeFyre account, you can save your comments from all LiveFyre enable blogs centrally on the LiveFyre site, “Like” others comments, share your (or others) comments across your social networks. And more. You can build a little profile on LiveFyre that other readers can see if they click on your comment avatar. Like this:

In theory, this gives readers here a chance to learn a little about you. And maybe click over to your sites and/or Facebook / Twitter accounts.

You know, growing your social sphere and all that.

But, you don’t have to create a LiveFyre account (or login through any existing account) unless you want to.

Some cool LiveFyre stuff

  • Comments are loaded in real time. So you will see new comments posted as is happens. No need to refresh the page. In effect this creates a live chat system, though in reality, on most real estate blogs you won’t have people commenting simultaneously in most cases.
  • Post mentions on Twitter and Facebook Pages (not Profiles) are pulled into the blog post comment section
  • You can tag your Twitter and Facebook connections when leaving a comment.
  • You can post to and share your comments on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comments are crawlable by search engines
  • Readers can flag comments as spam or inappropriate, allowing a moderator to check the comment
  • And more. Here are all the LiveFyre features.

Facebook Comments will remain

Some of you like the Facebook Comments feature that was added awhile back. That isn’t going away. You’ll find them below the LiveFyre comments.

Give it a spin please!

Try out the new commenting system and let me know what you think. Play around with the tagging (feel free to tag me if you don’t want to bother your  friends, I won’t mind.) I can’t promise it’ll stick around forever, though I do want to give it a few weeks to see how it all shakes out. So far, I’m kind of digging it.

And I have to give kudos to the LiveFyre support team. I ran into some snags importing my existing comments, probably because I’d run LiveFyre a year ago and then returned. They jumped on the problem and actually came out with an update to fix it in just a few days. They’re very responsive on Twitter (@LiveFyre) and via email. Kudo’s to them!


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We always appreciate your comments! Phoenix Real Estate Guy uses two commenting systems, Facebook and LiveFyre. LiveFyre is the most robust system (and easy to use!). It allows you to login with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn, OpenId, LiveFyre and as a "Guest". I recommend getting a LiveFyre account, it has some great features (just click the LiveFyre button when you write your comment).


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LiveFyre Comments


  1. Ricardo thinks you’ll like the Livefyre commenting system. It’s pretty sweat.

  2. PaulEDrecksler says:

    Looks good.. an alternative to Disqus? Let’s see if I can login with Facebook…

    • PaulEDrecksler says:

      I wonder if you can have the “Post to Twitter or Facebook” auto-checked?

      • @PaulEDrecksler I didn’t see any way to have those boxes auto-checked. But, I’m still learning. I’m not sure I’d want them auto checked, need to ponder that….

      • @PaulEDrecksler

        I tried this in the options so far I could not find out how to do it. – I’m experimenting with this system as well. Thanks to @Jay Thompson I’m also trying Mail Chimp’s Social on another blog of mine – anyone try that?

  3. Nice, Disqus bothers me so hoping this is better. Going to play around with it too!

  4. carrariley says:

    Just trying to make it work.. wanted to log in as Google+ profile so I clicked that… and then updated with all info filled out on the profile 2 times and still the shadow person.. it did not accept the profile change…. but you like the Denver Broncos so I guess it will be ok. Little known fact I did not know but just read your liveFrye profile…. I am here because of your post on google+… FYI my photo showed up down at the bottom with a facebook connection and I didn’t want to have my comments going to facebook or sign in with facebook… so here is the test.. completed from Williams, Arizona. oh… @RichCederberg was just talking about you the other day…. from Albuquerque… you are so cool.. blah blah blah… :D Call in and give him a hard time on Thursday at 9:00 he is going to be on my blogtalkradio show talking about real estate in Albuquerque and his social media strategy. Maybe you would like to be a guest?

    @PaulEDrekster The twitter and fb box is next to the post comment button but it was not auto checked. I did have to connect to twitter to have it post there. I will check to see if that worked.

  5. Testing a comment with logging in with Google+….

    • Well, I definitely clicked “Google+” and it seems to have logged my in with my LiveFyre account. @JMattHicks – that seems…. odd.

      • @Jay Thompson Signing in via a Social Network is a quicker method of signing in via Livefyre. Think of them all being thrown into a funnel leading to the same place. They make it easier to sign-in, share comments, mention people in comments, etc.

  6. I got the chance to meet some folks from the LiveFyre team at BlogWorld LA this past November (they had the booth next to ours!). A great team and a lot of fun! Fun to see others use their tools!

  7. Pretty cool how it can tag across to other folks like facebook does. Very interesting.

  8. Hi Jay, I signed up for the livefyre account, and while using Firefox it would not log me in to make a comment. A system re-boot did not change the result. Thus, I had to open IE9 to make this comment.

    Anyone else having this behavior with Firefox?

    • @John Slocum I tried it on Chrome and it worked fine. I have been having issues with Firefox on discussion boards lately too.

    • Malcolm Waring says:

      @John Slocum I’m on FireFox right now and it seems fine.

      On the other hand, I spend most of my time on the iPhone and I have been having a really difficult time responding now in another thread. The “Reply” buttons just don’t want to appear. Last night it happened and then it was back this morning. Now, no matter how many times I refresh the page, they won’t appear.

      Also, am I the only one that’s getting fed up with the so-called mobile “enhanced” websites? I have an iPhone, just give me regular.

  9. OK I will try out this Livefyre, If it works well for you I may put it on my site as well

  10. Hi Jay,

    I am on several blogs that have LiveFyre system and it works very well and they avoid spam comments in this way.

  11. yes a free chat under

  12. It is kind of interesting that posting with another account (so you don’t have to create a livefyre account) actually creates a livefyre account. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

  13. It is interesting that not creating a livefyre account actually just creates a livefyre account. It will be good to see how it goes – looks simple so far.

  14. Jay, Can you share your thoughts on the new Realist tax system for ARMLS? Can’t stand the new Realist system, looks so outdated, not organized efficiently, and incredibly slow…flash is a huge annoyance. Missing the old IMAPP system…and better system in my opinion. What an inconvenience to have to load to an external page to get full data available before through IMAPP. I feel like we are being punished. Does ARMLS actually test drive these with working agents who are up to date on current technology or know what they are looking at? I think we should start an agent survey to see which system is preferred.

    We need to start some kind of survey or petition to see how many people feel the same way.Another bad decision made changing things at ARMLS, along with ending relationship with Cromford Report and no longer highlighting the AWC status in yellow making it harder to quickly differentiate status from Active.

  15. A new one for me, but it seems simple enough. Looks like the social integration and spam control are benefits based on the comments.

  16. Jay thanks for the info

  17. Interesting! I’ve heard about livefyre and might as well check that out. Thanks!

  18. Interesting! I’ve heard about livefyre and might as well check that out. Thanks!

  19. Interesting! I might try it too. Thanks

  20. Im gonna try this on my site, thx for the brief demo.

  21. Hey Malcolm – next time you see that problem on your iPhone can you screen shot it and send it to me? Ever since you notified me of an problem on your iPhone, I’ve been looking at it on my iPhone and am not having any issue. I’d like to see it. (Though I don’t know what I’d do with it other than to send it to LiveFyre support).Do you know if you are seeing it on the “WPTouch” version (the “mobilized” theme, or the regular theme? Sounds like it might be the mobilized theme. I’m not a real fan of those either…

  22. I’ve always been wary of including third party commenting services on my own blogs, but this Livefyre thing seems ok – at least it allows you to guest post without registering. The other popular commenting service out there, Disqus, forces you to create an account or sign in with one of your social media accounts. I understand that these are all spam cutting measures, but users should still be given the option to leave anonymous comments without showing the world their Twitter handles or Facebook profiles.

  23. Definitely going to check this out for the Team Aguilar blog. Looks like it is working out very well so far!

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  25. MakhoKituashvili says:
  26. def the best commenting system around.

  27. Welcome to the new commenting rebellion…lol. I’ve been a Livefyre user for several months and will not be going back to the native system or Disqus or even IntenseDebate.

  28. I think if the site owner allows guest posting, an actual account does not have to be created.

  29. very nice post, solid information..

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  31. abiajohn11 says:

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  32. You seem to have a bundle of knowledge about the subject, please provide more so that we can enhance our knowledge as well. Thanks for doing such a great job

  33. The guest commenting “extra” of the site admin has to be enabled for this to work.

  34. I’ve just heard of LiveFyre after being asked to register from here… Seems very good so far!

    I like the social aspects such as liking and listening.

    Good move guy(s) :)

  35. Thanks Jay, this looks really good. I’ve set up my profile and works like a charm.

  36. very nice and interesting article!
    everyone like it…
    thanks for the information…

  37. bytheman says:

    Do you really have to register to be able to post?

  38. Am really liking Livefyre myself – makes it super easy to visit great blogs and leave comments.  It’s super easy to create an account and definitely worth it. :)

  39. This is a very well written post.

  40. I love the tagging feature on livefyre comments

  41. Interesting it changes the name to your livefire account name which is disconcerting. 

  42. Thank you for sharing,fantastic post.

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  46. real nice livefyre..

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  49. i! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks!

  50. There is really no alternative to livefyre. Livefyre is the best.

  51. Hi Guys, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out! Lots of stuff about adsense

  52. really like the comment features of livefyre ,its just good

  53.  @rommerdelacruzg And thus shows the reason why you have to be careful of allowing guests to comment on your site.

  54.  @tonygreene113  I deleted the blatant spam comment you replied too. One nice feature of LiveFyre is it makes it SUPER simple to ban commenters. Which I only do for obvious spammers…

  55.  @Jay Thompson Now us site owners are cooking with GAS!!..Now if only I can get a video sponsor buy..the lights come back on in the house…lol

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