Phoenix Average Temperature Charts


For whatever reason, it is tedious finding a chart for the average monthly temperature in Phoenix. They are out there for the temperature in Fahrenheit, but good luck finding anything in Celsius.

So being somewhat of a chart-o-holic, I made my own. The charts below show the average daily high and low by month, as well as the record highs and lows.

Enjoy. . .

Phoenix Average Temperatures Fahrenheit

Phoenix Monthly Temperatures - Celsius

Yep, it gets pretty toasty in the summer, but it’s hard to whine about an average high of 66 (19 C) in December and January. . .

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  1. Wow i never knew it got that hot in Phoenix!

    • Carl Hopkinson says:

      Yes, it gets upto around 115 in the "Super_Summer" (July-Aug) but it is dry which makes it

      feel about 10 degrees cooler. As a matter of fact, it is so dry (humidity about 5%) that dousing

      a hat with water will keep you plenty cool due to extreme evaporative cooling which can make

      the hat feel actually cold when biking even though it is +100. Just make sure you don't run

      out of water….;)

  2. Great idea for a blog entry Jay. Now folks searching for an 'average temperature' have a resource. I wonder how many relocation information seekers will find this helpful. [makes note to self to do the same for our area]

    **Joe´s last blog post..Kennewick Homes For Sale</abbr></abbr>

  3. That is a pretty cool chart. I agree with Joe that this is a good thing to have on hand.

    It looks like June through September can get pretty rough…

  4. Those are just amazingly hot temperatures, if it got humid too I would not be able to take it!

    Robert Eskiw – Edmonton Condominium

  5. Ok I am jellous. I neglected to clean the driveway off last week and the snow and ice has not melted off yet. Weather says snow tomorrow, booo

    **James Boyer´s last blog post..Liberty Greens Condominiums Morris Twp NJ 07960 Home Sales</abbr></abbr>

  6. I am amazed with the highs you get in the summer, but you do certainly have very comfortable winters!

    **Lenda Goulding-Cary Real Estate Expert´s last blog post..In Cary NC, Cooking Oil Recycling Pilot Program goes curbside!</abbr></abbr>

  7. 40c average in summer OMG!…I'm sure I can't take those temperatures even though I'm from a tropical country.

    **JD frm Ductless Heat Pump´s last blog post..Likely Users Of Ductless Heat Pumps</abbr></abbr>

  8. Remember it's the desert it' a dry heat!

    **Gwen´s last blog post..The 109 Day Link Building Explosion – Day 27</abbr></abbr>

  9. Joe is right, this is a great idea for a blog post. Also, looking at that chart reminds me of how great the weather is in Phoenix during the winter months. It is now wonder there are so many snowbirds that live half of the year in WA state and the other half in Phoenix.

    **Ryan Martin´s last blog post..Places to stay in Fairhaven WA</abbr></abbr>

  10. Ok I like the average temperatures in fall and spring, but summer is just way too hot for me. Winter looks bearable. I still prefer the averages and humidity here in Hawaii :-)

    I went to Phoenix and Scottsdale a couple summers a go and loved it there. Is it true that you can now get homes that have positive cash flow? If so, I may consider looking at AZ this summer.

  11. My brother is a UofA alumni (sorry, I know this blog is probably filled with ASU fans). I used to love visiting him during the rain season; you guys have some beautiful storms. Watching the lightning on the hills of Tucson was amazing.

  12. Nice work Jay. I checked and a searcher will find this post for various phrases of the title. Excellent marketing to the relocation person in specific, or a general search query. ;)

    **Joe´s last blog post..Sling Shot Man</abbr></abbr>

  13. I am heading to Scottsdale in March so being that it has been in the negative teens recently in MN, I was a little deflated seeing that there has actually been March days in the 20's.

    **Craig Mische´s last blog post..Better Than Buying Gold</abbr></abbr>

  14. Jay,

    I love charts and this one is great. Even for those in colder climates it at least tells people what they are about to get into. I think this is a great use of excel and giving people what they need and want.

    **Joseph Bridges´s last blog post..Get help with a Real Estate Coach</abbr></abbr>

  15. Makes me jealous that you can ski during the winter but still go lounge by the pool. My roommate lived in Phoenix and came to Chicago for school. He just moved back, couldnt stand the cold haha.

  16. This IS a great idea, especially for your location. There are misconceptions from our area (Ohio) about the weather there. Anyone looking to relocate should find this very helpful. I may do the same on my website. Your winters look amazing! It's 20 degrees here right now and we're in a blizzard… =)

  17. Interesting, and you inspired me to write a comparison post on my Denver Real Estate blog about our average temperatures out here. It seems that we Coloradoans may be fueling the perception that it's really cold out here to make us feel tougher than Phoenicians or whatever nicknames you have. It may be related to the ski industry too. In any case I gave you a highly placed link and appreciate your inspiration…

    **Bob Maiocco in Denver Real Estate´s last blog post..Pond Hockey at Evergreen Lake</abbr></abbr>

  18. Those summer highs sure are high; thank goodness for AC! Houston has hot summers also, but I agree that the mild winters make it worth it.

    **Meg Zoller-Houston Realtor´s last blog post..Houston Real Estate Reaps Benefits of Statewide Population Growth</abbr></abbr>

  19. As a former Phoenix resident myself you need to know the untold story about those extreme summer temperatures.

    First, it doesn't cool off at night. If it's 115 degrees during the day it will "cool off" to about 90 degrees at 2:00 am. You never escape that heat, it is constant day and night for 4 months. But you can go swimming at 2:00 am and I have done it many times.

    Second, IT'S NOT A DRY HEAT IN THE SUMMER TIME! With the start of July comes "Monsoon Season" where warm moist air is pushed up from Mexico many times causing thunderstorms in the afternoon. So imagine 110 degrees with 90% humidity. And if it rains that does not cool things off it only makes it more humid! Sometimes it doesn't rain at all, you just get a huge dust storm that turns your car into a dirt clod if it is outside.

    After 11 years of living in Phoenix I discovered the cooler summer weather of Orange County and moved over here to enjoy the extremely high cost of living. But you can't beat Phoenix those other 8 months of the year and we go back often.

  20. Seems like the temperatures over the in Phoenix are quite a lot better than what we are getting over here in Holland! But we have ice and snow, so I guess it isn't too bad after all..

    **Theo´s last blog post..Browser Statistieken van 2008</abbr></abbr>

  21. The winters there are looking pretty nice compared to the tons of snow and ice we have everywhere right now; but then, I think I'd melt during the summer!

    **Linda Craft-Raleigh Realtor´s last blog post..Raleigh Homeowners Struggling With Their Real Estate Investment</abbr></abbr>

  22. I need to gather some of our weather stats for you; up here in Ottawa we have some pretty snowy winters!

  23. What nice winter months you have; you can certainly see why many people retire there!

    **MaryAnn Knell-Peoria Real Estate´s last blog post..10 Steps to Achieving the American Dream of Home Ownership!</abbr></abbr>

  24. The charts are great! I often find myself looking for Fahrenheit charts too when checking out the weather in various areas. I am amazed at how hot it gets there in the summer. I'd have to stay inside for 4 months with the AC.

  25. My brother is a UofA alumni (sorry, I know this blog is probably filled with ASU fans). I used to love visiting him during the rain season; you guys have some beautiful storms. Watching the lightning on the hills of Tucson was amazing.


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