Revised Arizona Residential Lease Agreement Released

Landlords and tenants would be well advised to keep abreast of changes made to the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (ARLTA). (PDF version

Numerous changes were made to the ARLTA back in September 2007, and those changes have been incorporated into a revised Residential Lease Agreement form. The form went from four pages to eight, so the changes are significant. The standard lease agreement now covers issues such as what occurs if the property is sold or foreclosed on, details on refundable and non-refundable security deposits, landlord / tenant death, crime and more.

A sample of the revised Residential Lease Agreement form is here.

Changes to the ARLTA include (but are not limited to):

Senate Bill 1227 added provisions to the ARLTA for victims of domestic violence to break leases.

Requirements for tenants to provide and update contact info for a person authorized to enter the tenants dwelling in case of death and remove property, and provisions for the landlord’s disposal of said property.

Handling of security deposits.

Maintenance requests.

I’m not a renter, and we do not handle rental property management, but if I were a renter, a landlord or a property manager, I’d make sure I read and understood the entirety of the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act as well as the revised Arizona Residential Lease Agreement. (assuming of course you are renting or own rental property in Arizona!)

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  1. says


    Even though the standard lease contract has doubled in size, it's a much needed improvement. I have a couple leases to write this weekend, and I'm more than happy to see these changes. The more we have in writing up front, the better both tenant and (new) landlords understand.

    You've put together a great set of quick links.

  2. says

    I had a hand in reviewing a preliminary draft of the new AAR lease form and recommending additional content before it was finalized this year. The new AAR lease form is a significant improvement. All Arizona real estate practitioners would be well advised to read through the new form and/or take a class on the new form.

  3. Tammy says

    I just recently moved into a home with a rental agreement of 2 years and when I moved in I had a really good job but due to the economy I got laid off. I have been looking for a job in Arizona. I got a job offer that I can not pass up in a different state. I need to know what I need to do or what is available to break this renal agreement.

  4. says

    Tammy there’s 3 ways a tenant can terminate their legal obligations to the lease during its term:

    (1) You can terminate due to legal misconduct on behalf of the landlord

    (2) When the landlord legally replaces you with new tenants

    (3) And by an agreement with the landlord and the tenant

    You can read more about it in the article 'When Can a Tenant Terminate Their Lease Legally?' @

  5. marshon says

    if im on section 8 and the rental agreement is set for section 8 can owner come back with new residential lease and make me pay fee's

  6. Barb says

    We live in MN and have a rental property in Prescott Valley AZ . We are having a horrible time with our new renters. they have only been in our house since Oct. 1st and we already need to begin eviction proceedings. They have bounced the first check and have given us two more bad checks to make up for the first one, and to pay November rent. Are there any real estate lawyers here that can tell me how to get started with this? I have never encountered a problem like this and do not know how to proceed.

  7. says

    In response to Barb's problem, it would probably not be cost-effective for me to represent you (my office is in Phoenix), but I may be able to refer you to someone. Send me a direct e-mail or call my office: 602-255-0101.

  8. Michelle says

    I am looking to rent my house for the first time. What steps do I need to take to make sure I do everything legal?

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