Ruffing it in NYC – Men, Women, Dogs, Sex – RE Video of the Week #8


The folks at IntoTheBox.TV just get it. I think they are simply the best at local real estate “videoblogging”. Edgy, sometimes irreverent, funny, always enlightening and entertaining — their work sets the standard in this growing medium.

Rachel Natalie Klein, the “star” of IntoTheBox.TV will be speaking at Inman’s Blogger Connect panel on Beyond the Written Word: Videoblogging and Podcasting. I’ll be co-moderating a forum later that day on “Brush Up Your Netiquette: Blogosphere’s Best Practices” and I’m really looking forward to meeting Natalie and Steph Lang from IntoTheBox! Hope you all can attend the “Beer with Bloggers” event that Tuesday evening. I hear Zillow is buying…

Contains some innuendos, but completely safe for work (not that anyone actually at work would be reading this, now would they? :) )

Here is the direct link in case the embedded video gets goofy.
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    Here’s an interesting thought for you Jay: Are you ever NOT at work? I don’t really ever think of myself as ever completely NOT at work. I may not be in my office, or even in Phoenix, but it’s quite possible that I could be “working” darned near at any time from anywhere.

    Today I went to Best Buy, in the middle of the day on a Thursday, and finally started my Christmas shopping. I left my phone in the car, so that I could actually get this task done. An hour later I had a ton of gifts purchased and 2 messages. As I stepped into the car, knowing that I would indeed be right back at work the moment I was in the car, I contemplated…is my Thursday like a Monday-Friday person’s Sunday? Heck, do I even have a weekend?

    Here’s hoping you’ve got all your shopping done.


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