Russian Tycoon Pays $750 Million for a Home(?)

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From the “Who Cares What it Costs, I Have Too Much Money” files:

Villa Leopolda (aka La Leopolda), an estate in the French Riviera’s Cote d’Azur, built by King Leopold of Belgium in 1902, has been reported today to have been sold for $750,000,000 to a “mystery Russian billionaire”.

Forbes questions whether this is even true as apparently this very property has been subject to much speculation in recent years ”” including a rumor that Bill Gates purchased the property for a mere $110M in 2005.

It would seem that despite a desirable location, and an almost impossible to find 20 acre parcel, the rumored $750M price tag is a bit steep. Properties similar to this one are available for only $60 ”“ $150 million.

Your mortgage: only $3,800,000 per month

The Wall Street Journal blog pegs a mortgage for this guy at $3,792,408 per month (assuming 20% down and a 6.5% rate). If the sale indeed happened, a more likely scenario is the buyer paid cold hard cash.

While there is no question this is one nice spread, one has to ask; is any home really worth 750 million bucks?

Worlds most expensive home


  1. says

    "available for only $60 – $150 million"… ONLY? That word just stood out to me. None of us will ever see that much money in our lives.

    How do you become friends with people like this? :)

  2. says

    That's enough to make my stomach sick…$750,000,000 is way too much to spend on a house. Though it does look lovely… Wouldn't mind the commission on that either… :) :)

  3. says

    Gosh, you can finance a lot of very private vacations including private jets, etc for 3.7 million dollars a month. Would not be a fun property to appraise and I agree it would most likely be a cash sale. If the sale did not really happen probably good rumor to spread that it sold for this astronomical amount.

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    Wow… that's a huge tag. I wonder if this is the same house as the one in Godfather. Remember the scene about the movie director in the bed, wakes up to find a head of a cow or a bull next to him.

  5. says

    Seems hard to believe 750M when other properties sell for no more then 110M. I guess if you have a couple billion to spend whats an extra hundred million to get the best of the best……

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    That's truly a bulk amount and a millionaire can afford it. Still there are people that may not have that much amount to spent for their new home, yet they are offering a healthy amount for their dream home.

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    Here is a slideshow of some of the most expensive homes in the world. While nothing comes close to touching this $750 million dollar price tag, it is interesting to see what you get for the ridiculous amounts paid – in some cases it seems you are just buying the view.

  8. says

    And if your not buying the view you are buying the neighbourhood.

    Kensington and Chelsea, the fashionable west London district, has been pipped as the most expensive address in Britain by a street in North London's Highgate.

    One of the largest houses in London after Buckingham Palace, on West Hill in Highgate Courtenay Avenue, near the parkland of Hampstead Heath, is the UK's new priciest place to live, with average property values of £6.8m.

    Other streets in the same area — five avenues between the Hampstead and Highgate golf courses — make up the first cluster of property hotspots.

    Ingram Avenue ranks number 11, with an average property price of 5.16 million pounds, and Winnington Road comes in 17th place, with an average price-tag of 4.73 million pounds.

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    Wow. I bet half the rooms are completely empty how much stuff could he possibly have?

    He'll probably need like a fleet of moving trucks just to get his all his belongings into his new mansion.

  10. says

    What is would like to know is what kind of commission did the realtor receive. Maybe it was enough to retire. Its amazing you could fit an the entire population of a small country in there.

  11. m m l gupta says

    The price for leopold king fame he acquired for himself in the history is also most expensive ,can anybody else in this universe repeat the history created by king leopoldll ? The price value equation lies in deeds not in estate. Well done russian billionare.CONGRATS.

  12. says

    I think the price is wrong. I do not think someone who makes that much would pay way over the fair market. Reminds me of someone in India who is building a 17 story home for a billion. I would rather have estate like one above than that. I do remember some guy being taken by Trump for home in florida for way more than that house is worth.

  13. says

    Wow, that beats even the priciest properties in London in Hampstead and Kensington eg Kensington Palace Gardens where the average house is worth a mere £20M (about $30M).

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