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So you’re thinking that you would like to move.  And you’ve decided that maybe you want to build a new home.  Sweet!  Here’s what you should do:

  • You should totally just drive around all weekend in the comfortable 172 degree AZ temperatures following randomly placed road signs pointing in all directions, stopping in and out of model homes that may or may not be in your price range.  And they may or may not have the 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3-car garage, split floor plan, great room, on a pool sized lot that you’re looking for.  But how else would you know what’s out there?
  • And then when you get there you should believe everything that the sales representative tells you.  After all, they know best…because they represent the builder’s best interests.
  • When you’re ready to write an offer you should absolutely do just as the builder’s agent says.  The price is the price is the price, right?
  • You simply MUST use the builder’s lender.  They can get you the best rate and terms and using them is the only way to get the incentives offered.
  • At the design center pick out whatever you want without regard to budget or overall flow of the house.  And why would you think about resale before you’ve even moved into the house?
  • No need for an inspection because the builder’s contractors never forget to put in that upgraded insulation you paid for and they almost never reverse the hot and cold plumbing to the master shower.  Of course the covered patio is tied into the house with more than just a handful of 2” nails.
  • The multitude of calls between the sales agent, title company and lender will be lots of fun.  You have hours to spend on the phone making sure that everything is on track to close before Thanksgiving when you have 37 people coming over for dinner at your new home, right?

Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a better way.  What if you could search for new builds conveniently online?  And what if you had someone {you picked} whose sole job it is to know your wants/needs and to help you narrow your vision?  What if they could save you some gas and the ever pending heat stroke and just took you to the communities that might fit your price range and housing needs?  What if they knew how to negotiate with the builder and about any special incentives or deals being offered?  And then…what if the builder paid for your professional to represent YOUR best interests, not the builder’s?  I’m speaking crazy talk now, right?

Or not…

Introducing the newest feature here on Phoenix Real Estate Guy…Phoenix New Homes Search.

So have at it!  Browse away online and then when you’re ready to actually start looking at new homes in the Phoenix area make sure you call one of Thompson’s Realty’s awesome agents to represent your interests.  Most builders require your representative to accompany you on your first visit to the community (they even have a handy little sign on the door that says that).  We’re here to help…it doesn’t cost you a penny and might just save you a few benjamins.

Whether it is a custom Arizona home by Nu Wavz Homes, or any other new development, I love it when they have that new home smell… hmmmm….



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