Superbowl XLII: It’s Party Time!

As the hype for Super Bowl XLII begins to hit full stride (just wait until the teams are set after tomorrow’s games!) info is starting to roll in about all of the festivities.

The big game will be held right here in the Phoenix area. Glendale to be precise, in the University of Phoenix Stadium ”” shiny new home of the hapless Arizona Cardinals.

For a brief moment in time, I thought about chronicling all of the pre/post game activities on the Phoenix Real Estate Guy. I quickly realized that would be a full time job and then some.

So I found a few local blogs and sites that should help you find anything you need to know (and more) about everything surrounding the Super Bowl.

AZ Super Bowl Blog” is jammed packed with info on all things Super Bowl XLII (42). If there is anything you need to know about Super Bowl XLII, go there.

Super Bowl Party HQ is another great source. Some of the parties, and celebs planning to attend and host, sound pretty amazing. is the Official Site of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

And the always fabulous AZ Sports Hub also has some info on the game and happenings, as well as top notch coverage of all Phoenix area sports.

Super Bowl XLII kickoff time is approximately 4:20pm Mountain time. The pre-pre-game show starts at 9:00am Mountain.

Jay’s Super Bowl Prediction: Packers 27, Patriots 24

(note ””> I’m making this prediction before the final teams are even set. I reserve the right to change it up until, oh say 9:00 into the 4th quarter of the big game itself”¦)

Update: OK, so much for that prediction. I didn’t think the Giants had a prayer against the Pack at Lambeau.  So for what it’s worth (and apparently not much…):

Prediction #2: Patriots 34, Giants 21

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    Jay that's pretty bold to call the game before the game is even set. I hope you're right – I'd much rather see Green Bay win. Thanks for the Super Bowl information.

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    Jay – I like the prediction. Sorry I missed it for my post yesterday. (Check it out at Listening to the radio tonight, Joe Thiesmann agrees with you. He says 35-21 Pats if Plaxico Buress, but 35-14 Pats if he doesn't play. I personally have a feeling that the Giants will make more of a game of it, but Pats will still pull it out. 42-27 Patriots.


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