The Most Expensive Homes in Phoenix


Time for a little Sunday afternoon indulgence.

Just for grins, I did a quick little search for Phoenix homes listed at over $10,000,000 (no, we’re not in that market thankyouverymuch).

There are currently 26 homes listed for $10M+. Here’s an interactive search:

That blob of markers near the center of the map would be Paradise Valley, obviously the location of the bulk of the Valley’s most expensive homes.

What does $10 million dollars get you?

On average 7 bedrooms and 9 baths in about 15,000 square feet of custom built home. Often a separate “guest house” (that is probably larger then the primary homes of most people reading this). Always a pool, and typically a lot size of 5 acres and up (for perspective, a “nice sized lot” in Phoenix suburbia is about a quarter acre.)

Oh, and you get a monthly property tax bill of about $6,000.

If you want to go all-out, there is a 52,000 square foot, 10 bedroom 36 bath monster in Paradise Valley for only $16,000,000. Call me if you’re interested in a showing .

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  1. This reminds me of that HGTV show "What You Can Get For the Money". I love it! It's fun to dream!!

  2. its good to know that I can barely afford to pay the monthly tax bill without even mentioning the price of the home.


  3. So, is Paradise Valley a “nice” neighborhood? 😉

  4. Let me guess. All of those homes are situated around a lush green golf course. Sounds like a nice life to me! Hope you sell one this year!

  5. $10 million dollars?! whoah! i wish i can afford that kind of house.. i will feel like a celebrity having that expensive house.

  6. So 52,0000 sf for only a mere 16 million? 😛 I'd love to see the utility bills for that place. I mean, anything over 30,000 sf is just showing off…:)

  7. The 52,000 SF home is the former McCune Mansion. It's been a favorite of mine since I discovered it in the late 80's.

    It was most recently owned by the heir to the Hormel fortune. Though he and his wife and kids lived in the "guest quarters" most of the time… there were always people (friends and other traveling family members) staying in the main house.

    I am really shocked at the recent price reduction though. It was originally listed at $19,900,000 about 5-7 months ago. So, $16,000,000 is quite a bargain considering the extra land that comes with it and the historic value of the home. But, it will take several million to bring it up to today's standards of living in paradise (Paradise Valley Arizona that is). 😉

    Matt Pellerin – Realtor

  8. Outrageous!!So 52,0000 sf for only a mere 16 million? Now can i see the utility bills for that place. Even with that amount of money I won't bother getting that size..You'll just go into depression..hehe

  9. Nicer place, nice price tag. It’s interesting to see how the other half lives but to be honest I wouldn’t want this house, even as a present. I think money can buy much more fun than a huge house that takes ages to clean and uses too many staff.

  10. Those are big homes that you have on the 10 million dollar and up list.

    I feel that you would get a better bargain there then anywhere in the country.

  11. I wish we could say the same thing about San Diego Home Values but some of the home values are just crazy in SD. Anything on the water in Del Mar, La Jolla is at least $10 million and if you want to step it up to something newer and more modern with all of the bells and whistles you can easily pay $20 Million!

    **Alex in San Diego´s last blog post..FHA Lenders: here we go again?</abbr></abbr>

  12. Wow! thats big and expensive. 6k in taxes every month is a huge amount to pay.

    **David´s last blog post..Dog clicker training</abbr></abbr>

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