The Most Expensive Homes in Phoenix


Time for a little Sunday afternoon indulgence.

Just for grins, I did a quick little search for Phoenix homes listed at over $10,000,000 (no, we’re not in that market thankyouverymuch).

There are currently 26 homes listed for $10M+. Here’s an interactive search:

That blob of markers near the center of the map would be Paradise Valley, obviously the location of the bulk of the Valley’s most expensive homes.

What does $10 million dollars get you?

On average 7 bedrooms and 9 baths in about 15,000 square feet of custom built home. Often a separate “guest house” (that is probably larger then the primary homes of most people reading this). Always a pool, and typically a lot size of 5 acres and up (for perspective, a “nice sized lot” in Phoenix suburbia is about a quarter acre.)

Oh, and you get a monthly property tax bill of about $6,000.

If you want to go all-out, there is a 52,000 square foot, 10 bedroom 36 bath monster in Paradise Valley for only $16,000,000. Call me if you’re interested in a showing .



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