The Thompson’s Realty Manifesto


Manifesto: man·i·fes·to noun \ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō\ : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

Spend any length of time in the real estate industry and you will hear buzz words like “Unique Selling Proposition,” “Value Add,” and the like tossed about as real estate brokerages volley back and forth in usually futile attempts to differentiate themselves from each other in their on-going quest to hire more real estate agents.

One does not have to look very far to find all sorts of claims and promises from real estate brokers about how they, and only they, can offer agents the key to wealth and fame.

To that, all I can say is…. hogwash.

Why is it that you rarely hear from real estate brokerages about what they can provide home buyers and sellers?

Because as previously mentioned here, there are many brokerages out there that can make money even if their agents never sell a home. In fact, some brokerages would prefer having their agents never sell a home.

It drives me freaking insane.

As I sat here pondering all the… nonsense… that happens in this industry, it occurred to me that I have never made the effort to put in writing (at least in one central place) what Thompson’s Realty values in our business. What we promise to provide for our clients, potential clients, agents and even our competitors.

What I need to pen is our manifesto.

And here it is…

The Thompson’s Realty Manifesto


Thompson’s Realty has one primary purpose, one unified goal, one main philosophy in all of our business operations — to provide our clients unparalleled customer service. That may sound trite or cliché, but it is real. We founded this brokerage based on the belief that we can do something different in real estate. Everything we do, from the hiring of agents, to the implementation of procedures and processess in our brokerage is ultimately done for the express purpose of providing all of our clients, and our agents, with exemplary service.

In the real estate industry, a brokerage has four main groups of people they have to interact with. Below are our promises to each of those groups.

For Our Clients

  • You will be treated with the utmost respect by your agent, and by our office.
  • You will be told the truth, always. Even if it hurts.
  • You will be our primary focus and concern.
  • No one will ever try to talk you into doing anything that you are uncomfortable with, or that you do not completely understand.
  • You will never be obligated to continue using any service we provide.
  • We will make every effort humanly possible to ensure your real estate goals are achieved.
  • Your agent will be experienced (or in a mentor relationship with an experienced agent) and professional.
  • You will have unfettered access to your agent’s broker and office staff.

For Our Prospective Clients

  • You will never be hounded or harassed to “get the sale” (or for any other reason).
  • We will attempt to answer any questions you may have.

For Our Real Estate Agents

  • You will be always be treated with the utmost respect.
  • We will endeavor to provide you with tools you need to be successful.
  • We will provide you a work environment of cooperation, not competition.
  • You will have the freedom to run your business as you deem best, within (of course) legal and ethical limits and in compliance with this manifesto.
  • We will not encumber you with unnecessary rules, regulations and demands.
  • You will be paid accurately and immediately.
  • You are encouraged to brand yourself.
  • You will have 24x7x365 access to your broker and office staff.

For Our “Competitors” and Ancillary Service Providers

  • We will treat you like we expect to be treated.
  • We will work together with you to achieve a successful transaction closing.
  • We will immediately pay commissions due.

Those are our promises. And we plan on keeping them. Always. Unconditionally. Forever.


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Jay Thompson

I'm a real estate broker in Phoenix, Arizona and the publisher of the Phoenix Real Estate Guy blog. I tend to drive too fast and scream at the University of Texas and Denver Broncos football teams. My two kids are smarter than most adults I know and my wife is simply amazing.

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  1. Seth Neal says:

    I’m a little disappointed there’s no mention of Beer on Fridays. ;-)

  2. David Wyrsch says:

    Good stuff Jay! My brokerage (independent) strives for the same goals, to provide the best customer service possible by putting their needs first. We believe in the quality, not quantity of agents, and only consider those agentswho we beleive will put the clients needs first. To rephrase a line from A Few Good Men, our code is Client, Prospect, Company, Agent, and to always respect, and never bad mouth our competition, at least not to clients and the public. :-)

  3. How many brokerages will copy and paste this by the end of the week? ;)

    I read this and because I know you personally, nodded along as I said “just as I ex

  4. Jerel Taylor says:

    Nicely done! Being in escrow, neutral, I constantly see the way that the pendulum swings from Good Agent to Bad Agent. Unfortunately in Los Angeles, it’s all about the sale. So I appreciate telling the truth..even if it hurts. As I go about my day, I focus on relationships, then being of service. We are still in the service industry, and I’m glad you have this, as it brings us back to where we need to be.


    • Jay Thompson says:

      Thanks Jarel. I think (way) too many agents think they need to tell clients what they want to hear. It’s FAR more important to tell them what they need to hear…. And YES, we are in a service industry!

  5. (Grrr stupid mobile phones and their tiny keyboards…now, where was I?)

    …just as I expected.

    Sadly, I think this should all go without saying, but I’ve seen where it hasn’t been the case (not with you or any broker I’ve chosen to work with).

    What I like about your Manifesto is that I know it’s more than words. I’ve read some “manifestos” and all I saw was “blah, blah, blah” but in the three years I’ve come to know you, I know this isn’t just your brokerage’s way of doing things, but it’s your personal way of doing things.

    I’m happy to see this in print, but I have to say – I knew it all already, just from reading your blog and talking to you.

    • Jay Thompson says:

      You’re right, It should go without saying Matt. It’s not earth-shattering visionary stuff. Yet sadly, it seems to be missing in this industry. Not completely of course, but still missing far too often.

      Thanks, as always, for your kind words and support!

  6. HowardArnoff says:

    Great stuff as always, you’re the best, Happy New Year!

  7. God Damn that manifesto resonates with me. Thank you. Been working on ours for quite a while and was struggling with it not sounding like a bunch of BS. Since our philosophies are similar I hope you won’t be bummed if we borrow a few things…

  8. Man do I wish other real estate brokerages would adopt this belief system. I suspect there will be a few Brokerage Manifesto’s popping up on “The Google” soon. Great post Jay, hope you, your bride and your brokerage have a great new year. On to 2012…

  9. Jay, thanks for putting this in writing FINALLY! I have to say, however, that as simple as these points sound, it takes a tremendous amount of commitment, trust and moral backbone (and Francy!) to actually live by these words. I know first hand how every one of those points really works. It’s the real deal.

    The luckiest day for me was winning that Gary V book – Crush It – and as a bonus, receiving an invitation to join Thompson’s. It has made a profound difference to me professionally and personally and I am very grateful that manifesto is not just a bunch of pretty-sounding words.

    • Jay Thompson says:

      Well thanks Kristin, your words mean a lot to Francy and me. Without amazing agents (and more importantly, people) like you, Thompson’s Realty couldn’t exist.

      While this crazy goofed-up business drives us crazy at times, having folks like you around tends to make the trials and tribulations worth it!

  10. Doug Morgan says:

    There is no better place for Clients or Agents in the valley than Thompson’s Realty, Proud to be a small part of it.

  11. Lisha says:

    Bravo on the manifesto. I think that putting it in words not only holds your feet to the fire to live up to the promises or the “code”, but really lets people know what you have going on in that head of yours. I help to manage an office of about 55 agents, and while management and a majority of these agents abide by similar thoughts or (as of yet) unwritten codes/promises to clients, I’ve seen many stray when faced with extremely tough clients, cooperating agents, lenders, etc. How do you hold the agents in your firm accountable to this same system of values and action at all times? I know that ultimately you’re responsible for their practices, but you also can’t be there to micromanage every transaction.

    • Jay Thompson says:

      How do you hold the agents in your firm accountable to this same system of values and action at all times?

      That’s a great question Lisha. I think the key is hiring the right agents to begin with. I have no doubt that each and every one of our agents will uphold these principles. If I had any doubt, I wouldn’t hire them. And if it turns out I make a hiring mistake, then that agent will be released.

  12. I’m very impressed with this manifesto, it’s always good to know that a business is being operated with a strong moral backbone to guide its future.

  13. Phil Boren says:

    Jay, I’m sure you and the agents in your brokerage are well-served by “the code”. It seems relatively straight forward, but I think the concept has escaped far too many fellow brokers. I hope the market in Phoenix and the above Manifesto continue to treat you well in 2012.

  14. Ray Roman says:


    Your manifesto is fantastic and of course no less than what would be expected from a fellow Longhorns fan. As a small, very small company we stand out in a crowded field by doing many of the things you have written. It’s astonishing to me that one of the things we do, which is to return phone call within an hour, something that I find to be just common courtesy, is seen by our prospects and clients as service above and beyond our competition. This industry never ceases to amaze me even after 20 plus years.

    Great stuff Jay, Happy New Years.

    • Jay Thompson says:

      Thanks Ray. I’ve often said that an agent can greatly improve their business by answering the phone. Seems stunningly obvious, doesn’t it? Happy New Years to you and I’m looking forward to a great season for the Horns next year!

  15. Jay, You are a brilliant man in your writing. I have no doubt that you back up each written word. You have inspired me to put mine together for the whole world to see. You are an inspiration to many and successful for a reason. Here’s to a wonderful 2012!

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