Thompson’s Realty Welcomes Josh and Dawn McKinley!


mckfamilyWe’ve been on a bit of a hiring roll lately and are absolutely thrilled to welcome the husband and wife team of Josh and Dawn McKinley to Thompson’s Realty!

Those Twitter types out there may know Dawn as @DawnMinAZ. And her Twitter bio sums her up well:

Over-motivated, under-energized tech geek REALTOR in Phoenix AZ, programmer, mom. Former Hawaii resident. Likes kids, dogs, wine. 3 time #3Day Walker.

Josh is on Twitter too (@SubGuySellsAZRE), though he’s not quite as prolific as Dawn. He doesn’t mean “sub guy” as in some guy working at Subway. He used to defend our country sailing about on submarines. That’s kinda cool”¦

The McKinley’s come to use by way of Long Realty. Dawn is a freshly minted (fresh as in yesterday) GRI (Graduate, Realtor Institute) and holds a BA in Journalism (Public Relations) from Cal State Northridge and a MS in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. She’s even pondering going back to school some day for a doctorate in Organizational Management. Josh holds an AA from the University of Hawaii and is in the process of getting his BS in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University, though if he can weave through the credit transfer maze he may finish up at ASU.

They are both smart people. More importantly, they are both good people.

As a 9-year Navy vet aboard the aforementioned submarines ”“ he’s a son of a son of a sailor too. And a Jimmy Buffet fan! ”“ Josh has people skills and understands the importance of teamwork. He’s also a pretty amazing self-taught cook who owes me a plate of his famous roasted green chile risotto.

Dawn is a geek. Of course I mean that in the most respectful way. Her background combination of journalism and information systems is  a little different, but will serve her well in real estate. This year will mark her third year of walking in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure, which in her words “is not necessarily about breast cancer, but cancer in general because its unfairness pisses me off.”

(Note: Dawn did NOT ask me to do this, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! Please consider donating to Dawn’s Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure effort.)

Josh and Dawn have been married for eight years and have two wonderful kids, Paige is 6 and Phillip is 3. They met and lived in Hawaii for seven years before relocating to the Valley. Yes, it was paradise. And expensive. And you have to fly everywhere (or maybe take a submarine?).

Welcome to Thompson’s Realty Dawn and Josh, we’re glad you joined our little family”¦



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