Twitter for People that don’t “get” Twitter


I’m uncomfortable with anyone referring to me as an expert, unless it has to do with cereal or cheap red wine – which is why I feel a little funny writing a post titled “Twitter for People that don’t get Twitter”. It implies that I’m some sort of Twitter expert.

Clearly, I’m not. (But you can follow Marty on Twitter here.)

Since I created my account in 2009, I’ve accumulated just 802 followers. Many of them have no interest in reading anything I have to write. Sometimes when I send out a Tweet it feels like I’m standing in the middle of a remote forest carrying on a conversation with myself. But that’s okay. I have a wife and two kids. I’m used to no one listening to me.

If you’re one of those people that don’t “get” Twitter, here is all you need to know:

Twitter’s real value has less to do with how many followers you have and everything to do with those people, places and businesses you choose to follow. Think of Twitter as your conduit to the conscious thoughts of those individuals and organizations that possess unique humor, insights, ideas, and information about the stuff you’re really interested in.

Some of the brightest thinkers and creators in the world, from business to technology to real estate to personal growth to sports, are now sharing what they know with the world on Twitter. A few will even engage in a conversation with you, and answer your questions, in the Twitterverse.

I’ve built my Twitter feed like an exclusive, invitation-only party. Only those that inform, educate, inspire, make me laugh, or take me to places I can’t go, are allowed inside. My bio reads “Husband, Father, real estate investor, instructor, part-time helicopter camera guy and Arizona sports fan.” I’m passionate about these things, and getting better at them. So, if someone tweets intelligently about parenting, real estate, photography or sports then I will follow them, regardless of how many followers they may have.

I follow journalists, church pastors, small business owners, successful Realtors, musicians, comedians, economists, professional athletes, stay at home Moms and sports reporters. Twitter is my morning, afternoon, and evening newspaper, scrubbed clean of all the crap I don’t care about.

Which brings me back to my tweeting. Before sending out a tweet to my modest group of followers I ask myself, “will this comment inform, educate, inspire, make someone laugh or take them to a place they couldn’t go?” If the answer is yes then I hit send. Occasionally, I’m clever enough to get a response or two.

If you’ve been avoiding Twitter because you don’t “get” it, here’s some advice from a cheap red wine expert – start out by following the news makers, news breakers, thought leaders and free thinkers in your industry. Also remember when you do tweet to be brief, be bright and be gone.

And if you’re looking for a smooth, inexpensive Merlot, I recommend the one that comes in a box, on sale.




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