What We Can Learn From Michael Jordan: Hard work & Failure

Michael-JordanI am much more a football kind of guy than basketball. But that is really neither here nor there.

Regardless of my preferred sport, it would be difficult to argue that Michael Jordan wasn’t the greatest to ever step on a court (yeah yeah, Kobe this, LeBron that. Bird, maybe”¦). But Jordan wouldn’t have been Jordan without a lot of hard work, dedication and yes, failure.

Below are two short videos featuring MJ. Take a minute and a half to watch them.

What do these have to do with real estate?


Heck, they’ve got everything to do with life.


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    You struck a chord with me with me. Jordan was simply the greatest basketball player ever to walk the planet, and as much as we'd like to think it was easy for him & all a result of natural talent, that's simply not the way life works. Greatness does not come easy — for anyone. I just finished Andre Agassi's new book and it again reminded me of the power of hard work and failure.

    I actually wrote a very similar post with the first Jordan commercial you embedded back in 2008 – I think it's my all time favorite commercial – http://www.drewmeyersinsights.com/2008/04/22/beco

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    Behind every successfully person is a lot of hard work and dedication. Never liked Jordan growing up but hard not to respect his skills, work ethic, and persistence. Everyone wants to talk about how great these guys are, like they were born that way, but it is the hours they put in practicing their skills that sets them apart from the rest. Plain ole hard work.

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    Thanks for these clips! I gotta admit, I'm not a sports fan, but everytime I see a story that focuses on the triumph of the human spirit, it always makes me choke up. The best people in their field aren't great because of happenstance, they are who they are because they never stopped trying to improve themselves, and they never let anyone tell them they're not good enough for their field.
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    gotta love a truly great commercial like this .. . . . .. and you're so right, it applies to EVERYTHING.

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    So awesome! Jordan was the man, been a huge fan of him my whole life. I love those stats: over 9,000 missed shots, lost over 300 games, and missed about 30 last second shots. Even more impressive than his hard work is his fearlessness. It takes a true champion to always be willing to face possible failure and take that last shot. Jumpman.
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