Why Call Thompson’s Realty?

trlogo-300x131You clicked on our phone number:


How cool would it be if doing that dialed your phone! But we’re not there. Yet”¦

What we can answer is this question:

Why should I call Thompson’s Realty?

There are roughly 35,000 real estate agents and hundreds of real estate brokerages that cover the Phoenix area real estate market. How in the world do you decide which one to call?

Let’s be honest. There are many extremely well qualified real estate agents out there. But as in any industry, there are some real duds. Perhaps even some dishonest agents that couldn’t care less about you ”“ the home buyer, seller or investor.

A typical home buyer or seller needs the services of a real estate agent / brokerage about once every 7 or 8 years on average. You can’t possibly know who is best for you. You almost certainly are not tracking the real estate market on a daily basis, day in and day out. There is even less of a chance that you are keeping up with local real estate laws, practices and paperwork. Why should you?

That is our job. We deal with all aspects of real estate on a daily basis. We deal with real estate agents all over the Valley. We know a lot of outstanding agents. And we know some not-so-swift ones.

It is my job as the Designated Broker of Thompson’s Realty to ensure that we hire only the best, brightest, most ethical and hardest working agents out there.

And to be blunt, we do just that.

Yes, I understand that you probably don’t know me or any of our agents personally. And I am a business owner, of course I am going to tell you we hire the best agents in Phoenix. 

How do you know I’m not just blowing smoke?

You don’t.

But what you can do is call us. Talk to us. We aren’t going to pressure you to use our services, that’s not how we roll. What we will do is talk to you, get to know you, and let you get to know us.

I think you’ll like us.

And I think you will quickly see we do have some terrific real estate agents that can help you, no matter what your situation is, no matter what your personal experience in buying or selling real estate may be.

It is a fact that there are real estate brokerages out there that will hire anyone as long as they have a license and a pulse. Many brokerages make money even if their real estate agents never sell a home.

Thompson’s Realty doesn’t make a dime unless our agents actually sell homes. And I need to make dimes. I have children to feed, a mortgage and car payments, and a daughter about to head off to college.

I can not afford to hire agents that are not productive.

And I can not afford to hire agents that are not the very best at what they do.

Call us, and talk to one of our agents. You’ll see what I am talking about. Call other brokerages and agents too. In fact, you should interview multiple agents to find the one that is best for you.

I am completely confident that you will find any Thompson’s Realty agent to be personable, caring, knowledgeable and professional.

So if you need a real estate agent, or just have questions about buying and/or selling real estate, grab that phone and call.


That’s the only number you need to to find the right real estate agent for you.