You know you live in AZ when…


We have all seen those “You know you live in xyz when” lists. I love them so here is my version of the “You know you live in AZ When” List.

You feel genuine happiness and just may get giddy with excitement if you hear “it’s going to be under 100 degrees today!” anytime from mid May – mid September. (like today)

You no longer are shocked or feel faint when you hear “expect temperatures to be somewhere in the 110-120 degree range this week”

Your try to use your iphone and see this:

“iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.” Image courtesy of Apple support.

You know that “it’s a dry heat” is true for the most part, but it is complete BS during the monsoon season months when the humidity is high as well as the daily temperature.

You know that no sane person is outside in July or August unless they absolutely have to be.

You can hang your wet clothes outside and they will be completely dry within an hour or less.

You are well aware that tap water will scald you in the summer months so you take caution when washing dishes or taking a shower to avoid that possibility.

Your pool will no longer be thought of as a refreshing place to take a break from the heat because the water is too hot to enjoy in the summer.

You know better than to get into a vehicle with leather seats if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt in the summer. You will avoid touching the metal part of the seat beat at all costs to avoid burning yourself as well.

You pat yourself on the back for scoring primo parking if the space provides any type of shade.

You will wear a coat, hat & gloves when the temperature drops below 70 because that is just downright cold.

You know to carry a sweater with you even when it is unbearable hot outside since restaurants and businesses will have their AC set to sub zero temperatures.

You conveniently “forget” how to drive in the rain even though wherever you are from originally it rained or snowed frequently.

In the unlikely event that it rains, hails or snows, you can expect the local news and all of social media to be filled with photos and reports of this strange and unusual occurrence.

One of the 2 times I saw hail in the past 10 years of living in AZ

You know the term “haboob” is just another word for dust storm that was made up by mainstream media because people like saying “boob” and/or they think it is funny.

Haboob rolling through Fountain Hills

Your Christmas decorations consist of luminaries and/or a string of shotgun shells or chili peppers.

Shotgun shell lights

You think ten tons of crushed rock, cactus, and thorn bearing bushes and trees make a beautiful yard.

Typical AZ landscaping

When you hear heat, drought, or wildfires they instill fear.

Your daily visitors may include coyotes, javelinas, tarantulas, scorpions, bobcats, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes just to name a few.

My javelina friends

You are not at all surprised if you encounter a coyote or javelina taking a leisurely mid-day stroll on any road or street.

Hello there Mr. Coyote.

When you visit places outside of the Phoenix metro that have trees and lots of greenery you marvel at the beauty because you are so used to seeing dust, dirt, rocks and various shades of brown.

You have seen so many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that you are now oblivious to it and you take it for granted.

Moon rise over Fountain Park

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  1. Adam Garcia says:

    Hilarious. After living in Tucson I can sympathize with formulating a strategy for getting into a hot car.

  2. Hi Michele,
    Funny and entertaining article with good photos in, I live roughly in the same environment in Spain and recognize a lot of it.

  3. Sarah hall says:

    Thanks for all the hard work in keeping this going for so long. Much enjoyed and appreciated!

  4. Cal Carter says:

    Arizona is a cool place! I like dropping into Oak Creek Canyon! Have you checked out any of the Lake Lanier Real Estate photos? You’ll see the place is nothing like Arizona. Maybe I need a place in Georgia and Arizona! Nice pictures!

  5. Great, witty post, Michelle.
    Coming from the UK, I can’t even imagine temperatures of 100F plus. I don’t know how people can work in such heat. In fact, I think I’d struggle to breath in it!!! Let me know the next time that hail is die!


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