Young James Gets a Job

Pardon the completely non-real estate related post. Of course if you’ve spent any time at all on our fair blog you’ve come to expect such random musings…

I just wanted to extend my congratulations to my son James. He’s secured his first “real job”. (He has ref’ed youth soccer games in the past — sadly making more per hour in that endeavor than I did when I was a substitute teacher. But that’s a rant for another day.)

I’m very proud of my son. He’s got a fabulous work ethic, a great personality and he possesses one of the best business minds I’ve ever seen. He can be just a bit stubborn at times, but hey, he’s 16 and comes from the gene combination of two stubborn parents.

Tonight James goes to work in the computer department at Best Buy.  I know he’ll blow away his boss and his customers.

The computer department at Best Buy . . . three words come to mind . . .

Discounts for Daddy!

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    I LITERALLY just came home from taking my 15 year old up to Chik-fil-A to sign up for his first job. It's tough finding a "real job" as a 15 year old but my "in" with the owner has helped him…without full disclosure to him, of course.

    I'm proud of him because of his work ethic. 4.0 and he's been accepted into a special high school for his abilities. It's fun watching the kids grow. Far more fun than remembering our glory days.

    Tell James "Congrats!"

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    Congrats James! My youngest works at Best Buy and has for three years. It's a great company, she is now a supervisor and loves it there, most days! :) Pssst…..tell your dad they did away with the parent discounts last year:(

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    I think it's super, how proud you are of your son. I know my dad was really proud of me and that made me the confident and self assured person I am today. Cheers to great fathers!

    And just by the way; random musings and miscellaneous ramblings are good, very good!

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    Jay – I knew there was something I liked about you. I didn't know you were a sub. I did that for 4 years in the Lake Travis school district in the western Austin area. I did every grade in every school. I did more special ed and band than anything else and loved it. Then, as luck would have it, I needed to make some money so I turned to real estate. Wait, you can make money doing that?

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    Congratulations to the three of you. I know the feeling that you are experiencing, having gone through the same thing when my son got his first job. It was with a greeting card company which gave him sufficient experience to grow into a successful multi-media professional. I am sure that James will do well, what with two stubborn parents to pass on the genes!

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    Congrats Jay! That employee discount might be just the thing for putting a HDTV under the tree this year! Or an I-pod, or a new cell phone, or a new…

    Grr. I'm just looking for a kid to help with the housework. Tell the young one good luck!

    PS. The captcha is uniquely appropriate. "buy" That's a ROFL right there!

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    Congrats. I got my first job when I was working at a baseball card store at 12 (is that even legal). I got paid in baseball cards. Anyway I think have different jobs when I was younger helped me know what I wanted and didnt want to do when I got older.

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